Baxter county animal control facility

9 substation place
Midway, AR 72651

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    Baxter County Animal Control Facility is a small rural facility consisting of 10 indoor dog kennels and 6 indoor cat kennels. There are 4 (soon to be 8) outdoor kennels for the dogs to have a place to go during cleaning and for them to enjoy some fresh air and sun. All of the animals that come to our facility are brought in as strays in Baxter County by an Animal Control Officer. We are a government, non profit agency. We are consistently working on improving our shelter to enhance the lives of our animals.\r\nWhat we do when an animal enters our facility is to check the animal over. We look for tattoos, we scan for a chip, and we look at teeth for an approximate age. We treat for fleas and ticks, and if we suspect- we also treat for worms. We then take photos of the animal to place on our 2 websites. and we look through our lost list and the last 2 months of the Baxter Bulletins lost ads. We move from there to the Humane Society’s lost and found website. We look through the list and add our found ad. Then we move on to KTLOs pet review again looking for any possible match. We then contact the radio stations- Kmac, Country 105, Ktlo, The Trading Post, and XL7 TV. We also place weekly found ads in the Baxter bulletin.\r\nWe keep the animal for 5 business days (searching for any possible owner) during that time the animals are in a sort of hold. They become available for adoption after that time. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n


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