Bausone Carmine Dvm

655 West Citracado Parkway
Escondido, CA 92025

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  • 1. Dr. Bausone has great bedside manners!

    by: DDoer

    I've known Dr. Bausone since he started at Acacia Animal Hospital. He treats all my bunnies and does a great job. He's done some pretty amazing stuff for HRS foster bunnies and shelter bunnies. Just last month, 2/08 he extracted an oat from my little Netherland Dwarf's nose. Little Pippin had somehow gotten an oat (from oat hay) up his nose and 2 previous attempts to get it out were unsuccessful. As soon as Dr. B got back from vacation Pippin went to see him and voila the nasty oat was extracted. It was a first for Dr. B with a bunny and Pippin is eternally grateful. Dr. B treats just about everything under the sun from bunnies to turtles and everything inbetween. He's got a great sense of humor and a very good bedside manner. He's very sensitive to clients (both the people and the critters).


    Dr. Bausone is the best bunny vet around. Great hospital too


    He only works 4 days a week