Battle creek animal shelter of calhoun county

29 haog street
Battle creek, MI 49014

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Great staff, beautiful amials, in need of homes, rescue team

    by: ztT4MP85212921

    My review is simply that i loved a beautiful animal for 10 years and he came down with cancer in oct. 06. i knew the cancer would win and finding a dog that was in need of love was a hard decision, but knew i had extra love to give. I called and they found me a rescue black lab mix from quincy they were going to put down, i knew we needed to meet her. She was sweet and laid her head on my lap as if to say i want to come home with you. She is about 8 months old and quite a bit bigger than i was used to, we lost our son a shitzu cocker to cancer on nov. 29th 2007 after a full year of chemo and lots of tears and we brought our new "madalyn" home. She is sweet and smart, all she needed was a bath and some food. we brought her home on nov 2nd. We miss our "bailey" teribly and are not replacing him just giving our love to a special animal that needded us. She was a stray and now she is a thriving 38 lb shep mix that is full of love and tenderness and is helping us thru our tears. We will love her in a diff. way. These animals need our love and funding to find homes for all of them . please help, they give love and are grateful.\r\nWe want to thank Julie and Linda for helping us find this piece of joy.\r\nLynne and Mike Ginsburg


    They rescue animals from all over!!!!!!!!


    You can tell they just need more funding!!!!

  • 2. Found dog

    by: madman5113

    A few years ago some body stoled our dog. we went and left fliers there and just a few weeks she turned up there.They call and we got to go get her.




    dont know

  • 3. No one care more then them!

    by: Fearvamp68

    Great staff that is friendly and knowledgeable. They have helped e find a great pet boxer, sadies, that i love so much.





  • 4. Thanks to you

    by: Fear

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me out when i did need the help. I was moving into a small apartment and could not keep my boxer. I love dart he is a very fun and loving dog. Not only did you guy take him and find him a great home you also let me know when he was being adopted so that i could meet the family that was taking him. I will help you guys in any way that i can you are the best!




    time's open

  • 5. a safe place for all gods animals

    by: pcarpenter

    this shealter cares for all pets that are there,cages are always clean,and always have food.even if they have to go out a buy it,no one goes hungrey. this shealter goes to others and brings back pets that are due to be put down. roses to this shealter.


    a safe place for unwanted pets,until a loving home is found for them


    they need more room for there cats ,and storage for food

  • 6. The Shelter with the Biggest Heart

    by: JulieT

    I know this shelter is ran by all volunteers, which means by individuals who care enough to sacrifice for the lives of these animals. I see them day in and day out struggling to keepn the shelter afloat and giving whole-heartedly to this cause. The animals in the shelter are well taken care of. If anything is lacking it is the support of the City, the community, and the overall lack of resources.


    Ran by volunteers


    Not enough room

  • 7. could be a good place

    by: Tordog1980

    this could be a great place I think they house to meny animals, and they are not a no kill shelter they just tell the public that. there are no real no kill shelters in battle creek some are more no kill than others,so don't be fooled by the name NO KILL. as a matter of fact a few volenteeres form that shelter have said some pretty horraible thing about how they euth or shall I say make animals dissapear. So i guess I can say if you want to "save a animal" go their to get your pets, than take them an owner realese them to other shelters.


    could be a great shelter


    not clean enouff