Barstow humane society

2480 e. main
Barstow, CA 92311

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  • 1. Should be called inhumane society instead!

    by: alisdude26

    We are a military family and adopted a dog from the Barstow Humane Society about a year ago. My husband was reassigned and there was a possibility we weren't gonna be able to take our dog with us. We decided to take him back to BHS but asked them if we had a chance of taking him with us if it would be possible. The lady at the desk said we would only had to pay the adoption fee which is about 80 dollars. We were doing all possible to try and take him with us but we received a call from BHS on December 31 to tell us that either we had to go get the dog that same day or it would be put to sleep. They were trying to charge us 120 dollars because they said we were getting charged 10 dlls a day. We were out of town so we asked the lady if we could get someone to go adopt him, if that person would get charged just the adoption fee, and we were told that they could not give the dog to any relatives or friends of us because they would just give the dog back to us!!! They were not worried about my dog, they were worried about making money. We even ask the lady why it had to be our dog, after all he still had the hope of coming back to us and she said that the dog had been there for 12 days and that his time was up, they had no more room for any more animals and that they were having an inspection done by San Bernardino County and they had to get rid of some of the dogs!!! Who does that!! They should have called us at least a couple days before they were gonna put my dog to sleep... At the end the lady said that she was not gonna argue with us anymore and that we only had two choices, go get the dog the same day and pay 120 bucks or that the dog would be put to sleep... I would like to know who is in charge in San Bernardino County of that shelter to put in a big complain... I am very dissapointed because now I don't know if there is actually a shelter that truly cares about the animals and not about making money... =(




    Just looking to make money