Barrow county animal control

610 barrow park drive
Winder, GA 30680
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Rescue Friendly

    by: rshcraig

    I helped foster a puppy for an out of state rescue. The puppy was pulled from here. The ACO was soo friendly and helpful. They had the puppy transported to the vet where he was fully vetted and neutered, so I just picked him up from there.


    This place is soo rescue friendly, plus offers full vet care for a very reasonable adoption fee


    Well, it IS a kill shelter

  • 2. Nice Shelter

    by: Candyred32

    This shelter is really good. They took in some puppies that I had and couldn't give away to people. Very nice folks at this shelter.


    Takes care of pets


    None that I know

  • 3. like this place

    by: boobear

    These guys do a good job and make every effort to keep the animals off the s-treet and get them into homes or rescue.


    animal friendly


    animal control

  • 4. very rescue friendly

    by: Fantasy

    I worked with this shelter for a few years and they were always easy to get along with. They try to get the animals out into rescue and have good hearts.


    they like the animals


    old facility

  • 5. Great Shelter with Caring People

    by: Stokesee

    I became familiar with this shelter while helping out at one of their vaccination drives. All of the employees were very helpful and seemed to care deeply about the animals. They take very good care of the animals. The veterinarian involved with the shelter was very knowledgable and easy to work with. The shelter helps out its community in any way it can.


    Caring Staff that Works Hard to Help Animals in the Community


    Needs More Funding

  • 6. Great Shelter

    by: CourtneyRosenthal

    This is a great shelter with somewhat limited resources. Everyone I have met that works there is great and so friendly and caring. They take really good care of the animals.


    Nice Staff, Friendly, Caring


    Limited Resources, Parvo

  • 7. BCAC gets 4 paws up!!

    by: Moony

    BCAC is so GREAT!!!They have the best team EVER EVER EVER and take good care of the animals.Never seen any place better


    It takes awesome care of the animals


    needs more funding for triple awesome care