Barren river animal welfare association (brawa)

175 trojan trail
Glasgow, KY 42141
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User Reviews (16)

  • 1. Wonderful folks

    by: marrshammer

    This is a caring and helpful shelter. I have adopted both cats and dogs from these folks. BRAWA has a dedicated staff and volunteers. GREAT WORK!


    Friendly, clean, dedicated


    Not easy to find the first time.

  • 2. Finding my dog

    by: kg123

    This is where I got my dog Oreo. Im so glad the shelter help me find him!!! He is a very well behaved dog.\r\n


    take good care of pets and is very clean


    small space

  • 3. Great shelter!

    by: mollykerby

    This shelter is in my neighboring county. On Monday's they bring a pet to our local TV station that's up for adoption. They also have a wonder newsletter! For their size, they do remarkable work with very little money - it's run by volunteers!


    good shelter


    needs money

  • 4. Hear about them alot

    by: barbalou

    This shelter seems to have a caring staff and loyal volunteer base. I always see a volunteer on the Monday morning news with a pet. They always seem very professional and caring.\r\n\r\nThey also do many fundraisers in the community.


    Caring staff and volunteers



  • 5. Great shelter

    by: Hareball

    BRAWA is a GREAT shelter!! They have a great staff and great volunteers. They work hard to save the animals, and work with many rescues.\r\n\r\nThey also alter all of their animals prior to placement, and that is GREAT!!!!!!!!


    Great staff


    Wish they could have more room

  • 6. Very Good Shelter

    by: deanawehr

    I love this shelter because of the people I have worked w/. They have a good volunteer base, vaccinate all animals that come in, spay/neuter before animals go home and work heavily w/ rescues to save those that aren't getting adopted at their shelter. Margie and many others are amazing to work w/ and are very dedicated to the animals in their care. They are a great shelter and help us and we help them every chance we both get. The animals there are well cared for and have a good chance @ finding a home. Their facility is a little small for their intakes but they do very well w/ what they have........


    hard working staff, works heavily w/ rescue



  • 7. very hard workers

    by: gibs7usa

    all the animals are very cared for and they work hard to adopt them out





  • 8. a good shelter

    by: fsems08

    this shelter tries to really help the animals, they work hard to get them on petfinder and try to find homes for them all.


    dedicated to helping the animals


    not much funding

  • 9. Good shelter

    by: kgarrett

    This shelter is run by some very nice people that try very hard to adopt out their animals. They have come a long way in the last few years.


    Nice people


    not enough support

  • 10. very helpful place.

    by: vanrigs

    igot a dog from this shelter. the staff was really helpful in helping me pick one.


    good people


    not big enough.

  • 11. another good shelter

    by: kbsluvanimals

    i love this place they are like all shelters and underfunded i think the goverment could more for shelters


    loving caring place



  • 12. Nice staff

    by: jinxkitty

    BRAWA is a good shelter. The staff is always very professional and helpful. Like many shelters in our area, they are fighting a neverending battle of trying to find homes for so many animals. I only wish them the best.


    good shelter


    too many pets, not enough room

  • 13. Nice shelter, nice people.

    by: IResQK9sNKy

    This is a nice shelter with an extremely nice staff. They work hard for the welfare of the animals in their care, and work closely with our shelter as well.


    Nice shelter, nice people.


    Non found.

  • 14. Awesome

    by: outorange

    I have gotten a couple of pets at the brawa shelter in Ky.. I have adopted two dogs for myself and a dog and cat for my mother.. They take good care of the animals and try to find everyone of them a caring home.. Since we have had this shelter that is the only way I will bring a new animal home..


    Brawa is the best shelter around


    there are no cons except that people don't realize that the shelter needs donations and the pets need homes..

  • 15. great shelter

    by: kes1973

    I hope this helps gets some attention to the brawa. they work hard for the animals to have the best possible care.


    nice and friendly


    like all shelters underfunded

  • 16. Glagow Shelter

    by: annied1968

    Everytime I have been to the shelter has been an emotional exprience for me and my family. You see those little eyes on you just begging for one second of your time. So, sad I wish I could bring them all home with me. Bad place for mans or womans best friend. They always ready to comfort when we need it. So who is going to comfort them....


    Very nice shelter nice people. Pets treated great!


    The turn over of animals. That's the nice way to put it.