Barnum Park Off Leash Area

Hooker And West 5th
Denver, CO 80204

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Decent park, but not fenced and not popular

    by: haygrif

    I've only been here a few times, but each time I've been there there have only been a few people, or no people (or dogs!). I was also surprised to find that it is not fenced - your dog must be under voice control and stay within the boundaries or risk being ticketed for being off leash in Denver (which is illegal!). And the boundaries are rather small, to begin with. There is a nice lake nearby, but it is outside the boundaries of the off leash area, so the dog must be on leash in order to investigate. \n\nThe park doesn't really have any amenities that I recall, either. No tables or benches, no place for water for the pups - it's just a small grassy area to play fetch with a well trained dog and then leave. Not terribly exciting, but I appreciate ANY off leash area for my dogs, nonetheless.


    quiet, large grassy area, lake nearby


    not fenced, rarely anyone there, boring

  • 2. Our Local Park

    by: IggyMama

    We love our local park and have been going there even before it was an off leash park. Some people try to use this area for picnics and such, but I think they are starting to get to be fewer. We do have to keep a good eye on Iggy (well, both dogs when Lemmy was still around). The best part of this park is that it is on a slope, so when they run up hill, they get lots of exercise.


    Nice area


    Others who don't understand it is a dog park

  • 3. Could be cleaned up

    by: rkohler

    I was here last week, only a few other dogs. I like that it is on the way to MAXFUND. I can exercise my dog before I go to walk the shelter dogs. Unfortunately I probably won't be back. There was a used? condom and wrapper and other trash right near the parking area in the grass. I just can't bring myself to let my dog play in that.


    Central and convenient