Barks-n-bubbles boutique-self serve dog wash

1800 middle country road
Centereach, NY 11720

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  • 1. Great Place

    by: my3boys

    I have a very skittish Golden and the staff at Barks-n-Bubbles made my Lacy feel right at home. Its true; dogs have a 6th sense about people. She took to them like she knew them all her life, I know this sounds corny. I think she really liked the staff, she was kissing them and she does not give out many kisses freely. This is a place I will tell my friends about and definitely be going back.\r\n\r\nI asked one of the owners how often I should wash my dog, waiting to see if it was about the money or the dog. To my surprise the answer I received wasn’t what I expected, because I was already washing her once a month; not letting them know. The owner told me, start out every two months, for 6 months and if her coat and skin are not drying out, you can try every 6 weeks if you feel the dog needs it. \r\n\r\nThey had pictures of the hair follicles and explained all about the differences between the long hair and the short hair, also the differences between male and female dogs when it comes to shedding etc. \r\n\r\nI expected to hear every two weeks or something like that for how often I should wash the dog. The one thing I will state is they do know their stuff about dogs, they gave me some very basic tips about brushing and the kind of brush I should be using. \r\nTheir products are all top quality and the place is very clean. \r\n\r\nThe price they charge depends on the size and coat of the dog. They added a high protein conditioner and they didn’t charge extra. I used a specialty shampoo called Lava-Derm and there was no additional charge as well. I was using a product that had alcohol when I was doing it at home and I was drying out her skin and coat. I never saw her coat look so good when we got done, I was truly amazed. GREAT place.\r\n


    to many to list.