Barkington Inn & Pet Resort

203 Blossom Street
Webster, TX 77598

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  • 1. DO NOT USE!!!

    by: hmsmiller

    I was going to use this establishment for the Dog Day Camp for day training with their onsite trainer. Well I got there about 15min prior to the place opening and I watched the employees go inside. Well they finally un-locked the doors and I went in along with a couple other people. Once I was at the desk I explained that I was dropping my dog off for the day camp, and something told me not to let them take my dog alone. Good thing I didn't & asked to walk back there with her. Well the place by this time had employees there for almost 40 min and yet NOT ONE dog was out of the runners and you have to know that Barkington Inn does not have outdoor runners, it is an enclosed building as well, just concrete walls, the dogs have no outside access. Not only was there urine running into the drains as I was walking by from the poor dogs not being able to hold it any longer. They had an entire section taped off with a hand drawn skull& bones picture taped up in the area and some person in a bio-hazard type white suit with a breathing mask on, doing something as well. I started to get a headache and I was only in this building and fumes for 5min, so I took my dog back from the girl and said "This will not be happening, I cannot leave my dog in this". They left these poor helpless dogs in this building all weekend with those fumes. I cannot imagine what type of medical injury that could have done to them. It was horrible! They are to busy cathcing up on gossip and doing their things to get these dogs outside into the fresh air or just to let them use the potty on grass. I called up there later and found out that they had left from Saturday early afternoon and no one had been back up there to let the dogs out! This from their own staff... I was shocked and horrified at the conditions this establishment kept their customers animals in. I am sure that the customers where not made aware of the hazardous conditions.




    They leave the dogs for HOURS and HOURS without letting them outside and they leave them in toxic fumes