Bark n purr pet center

4604 burnet rd
Austin, TX
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User Reviews (12)

  • 1. Longest in Austin

    by: debkthomp

    This is the longest running pet store in Austin. They do a great job of covering all the basics and a lot of specialty stuff too. The service and staff are fantastic. That's why they have been around so long.


    Longest running pet store in Austin



  • 2. Locally owned with the best food choices

    by: anne2003

    This is a locally owned store who is a great supplier of high quality pet foods and other pet accessories. They also have a nice grooming facility.


    Locally owned, good variety of high quality foods


    not the best service

  • 3. Bark n Purr rocks

    by: scottburton

    Bark n Purr is an asset when you are trying to care for your animal. You can go to your vet for advice, but beyond that, can you really turn to a big box store for quality information and a discussion of the options? You can at Bark n Purr. Its great to shop local, they even have Texas producers available and they are open Sunday as well. Just off 45th Street between Mopac and I-35


    Very knowlegable about nutrition. Offers many smaller-label brands


    Don't have the massive selection of a big box

  • 4. pricey but great place!

    by: AnnieHudson

    I like this place because it is locally owned (Keep Austin Weird y'all) and it has many healthy sources of food and treats that are hard to find at other pet stores. However, just like when us humans want food without all the extra crap, it is expensive. The staff seems pretty friendly. Although no one has really gone out of there way to help me yet I always see them going above and beyond for other customers in the store.


    great, healthy alternatives


    puts a dent in the pocket book

  • 5. Nice local store if you live in central Austin

    by: Melody

    I used to take my dog to Bark and Purr for grooming but since the groomer left I had no reason to go there because it's not very close to my house. I have gone in there onc since then and there is no longer any groomer there at all.


    Good variety of products


    On the epensive side

  • 6. Not the place for me

    by: mallingc

    While it seems that many of my AHS friends favor the local Bark n Purr, it's not the place for me and my dog. My first time in there was definitely my last. I was trying to get some information on a healthier dog food, but the staff was rude and very put off by my questions. I was talked down to and not treated as a customer should be. \n\nInstead, I take all of my business to Tomlinson's. They have the same variety of products, and more convenient locations around town. They also have super friendly staff!


    Variety of foods, toys, and treats


    Rude and very unfriendly staff

  • 7. Love this place!!!

    by: leacline

    I love this place! My dog has allergies so the workers here have always helped me to pick out the best food for him. They have all manner of treats and foods for every issue - parent and pet! Lots of accessories, too.\nI have not used the service but they also trim toenails, I hear.


    Great selection, helpful staff



  • 8. Best locally owned pet store in Austin

    by: rosiepantz

    Bark 'N Purr is my favorite pet store in Austin. It's locally owned, specializes in healthy products, and the staff is always helpful. It's one of the two places in town where I can get my dog's favorite treats.


    natural food & treats, good prices, helpful staff



  • 9. Love this store

    by: angelinazoom

    I try to go to Bark N Purr whenever I can, but live on the other side of town. It's the best store in Austin for knowledgeable staff and specialty food.


    good selection, saavy staff


    only one in town

  • 10. Excellent place for high end, holistic pet products!

    by: jodiscaife

    I generally use Bark 'N Purr for all of my menageries food needs as well as for holistic treats and grooming supplies. On my first visit, the store owner actually took the time to help advise me on the various brands they carried and helped me decide on what I wanted to try. They also offer a money back guarantee on any food, so if your pet won't eat it, you can bring it back! \r\n\r\nThey also have the best selection of pre-prepared raw diets in Austin, and the staff can usually help narrow down which would be the best choice for your pet.\r\n\r\nThe owners also welcome feedback from the customers, especially when they introduce new products. If a product seems to be problematic for several customers, they'll discontinue it or reduce their stock. During the rash of pet food recalls, Bark 'N Purr was one of the few pet stores in the area that pulled *all* of the products from affected manufacturers rather than waiting for recall lists. The safety of their customers' pets was more important than selling what they had in stock.\r\n\r\nThey've been successful in Austin for about 50 years, and I hope they continue to offer the same great service for years to come!


    Great selection of foods found no where else in Austin, wonderful customer service, knowledge of all the foods they care, open to customer feedback


    A little far for me to go, smaller store, parking can be a little rough

  • 11. Where I go for Pet Supplies

    by: ShirleyC

    Bark 'n Purr is a locally-owned pet store that has been in business for more than 50 years. They have the best selection of high-quality pet foods, including frozen raw foods. They also carry all the gear we need - grooming tools, toys, beds, crates, collars and leashes, etc.\n\nTheir staff is knowledgeable about animal health. When I talk to someone who has a dog that is itching, shedding or whatever and I find out that the dog eats a crappy, cheap dog food, I have referred them to Bark 'n Purr knowing that their staff can help the people get their dog on a higher quality diet. And that's how it's worked out. \n\nThey have a huge purple martin colony on their property on a busy section of Burnet Rd. in central Austin. How cool is that?


    Great selection of the best foods


    Can't think of any

  • 12. Best in Austin

    by: bryaninaustin

    I think this is the best pet store in Austin. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Good foods and supplies.


    Good variety of healthy foods and quality products