Bark Avenue Grooming Salon

128 S Chestnut St.
Derry, PA

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  • 1. Dog grooming

    by: pruplepieman

    After having a difficult time with my male pekingese Alex and dog groomers I was at my wits end with what to do with him. I tried grooming him myself but that didn't work to well. Then I found Brenda. She was a true godsend with Alex. He hates to have his nails trimmed and he hated to have his feet clipped. Brenda was patient and kind to him and it only took a few times with her until he felt at ease with the whole grooming process. Bark Avenue Grooming Salon is conviently located in downtown Derry. Brenda always does everything she can to make you a quick appointment when I call to have one of my 3 pekingese groomed. I love her service and grooming skills. Give her a call, you will love her as much as we all do.


    Brenda is a superior groomer with great pet skills