Banfield vets

Petsmart 1717 route 228
Cranberry twp., PA 16066

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  • 1. Banfield Pet Hospital

    by: rayannesifferlin

    Jessica Steed is the most amazing vet I've come across, and I've tried 3 other vets in area. She spends an astonishing amout of time examining your pet, talking to your pet, and loving your pet. She spent an hour with one of my cats giving him a full exam! She's a sweetheart! And when I talked to her about vaccinations, she gave me her truthful opinion about the pros and cons of vaccinating instead of just telling me they all need their vaccines and that's that! I'm more into the holistic approach which some vets are against. Jessica will give you her opinion on both sides of the coin. She truly is wonderful and honest. The only downside about Banfield is that it's in Petsmart with lots of noise and people around. But I can deal with all of that just to have Jessica take care of my kitties!


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