Baltimore animal rescue and care shelter inc.

301 stockholm street
Baltimore, MD 21230
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. This shelter needs a makeover

    by: cjv118

    I can only imagine the volume of animals this facility must have on a daily basis. I visited once but was unable to view the animals without an escort, which was discouraging. The place was quite dirty and the cages tight- I wish the city would dump some money into it- It needs it badly.


    In the city


    dirty, smelly

  • 2. Great place for the city's animals

    by: AmyG66

    Doing great work in a city with many animals needing homes!


    Offer dog training in-house


    need more room for dog exercise

  • 3. doing good

    by: d21207

    I have transported dogs out of BARCS to different rescues or shelters. They do a tremendous job with the limited resources available.\r\nThey have come a long way to provide the best care and have programs to promote responsible pet care.\r\nAdoptions rates are very reasonable.


    always helpful


    not in a real public accessible place