Baldwin park animal shelter - los angeles county department of animal care & control

4275 n. elton street
Baldwin park, CA 91706
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    by: vladtolent

    This place is the worst ever...I agree they are kill happy. One of these days they will encounter the wrong individual. They are not messing with just possessions but loved ones. Personally I hope all the animals in there escapes and that place burns to the ground. That place is the worst of the worst. The people in there are evil. I cannot express my anger towards that place in words. I am seething about my experiences in there. I am lucky that I was able to get my dog back but with a lawyer and a threat of them getting him back within a time frame. Trust me, they will never see my dog again. I don't care about the criminal chargers they are talking about if I do not comply with their stupid demands. I gave them all the proof to get my dog out and they want the impossible. They said my dog has to win the blue ribbon in a dog show as a stipulation of getting him back in tact. That is b.s. They are high on a power trip over there because when my attorney went to the superior of the superiors, i got a call from a lady with whom I had gone over, and she threatened me with the orders to comply and made them more diffcult. Win a blue ribbon? come on!!! I am entering him in a show but winning is no guarantee. That place is so bad. When I got my dog back he was very sick and still is, having slept on his own feces and with the horrendous environment he had to stay in there. His temperament had changed from confident to almost cowering. Talking to the supervisor, she argued about all the stress and that there were so many dogs in there and that there was no way I was getting my dog out of their in tact, even if he was a proven special animal that cost thousands of dollars. I honestly couldn't believe that there is a government agency, or whatever they are, that had that authority to do that. If there are so many dogs their and if the supervisor was so stressed, then that idiot should have just give my my dog back because I knew I was getting him back anyway, they just try to make it hard.. I had to pay more then I had to in their "bording fees", more like paying for my dog to get sick... This place sucks, I really do hope it is shut down.




    High and mighty employees

  • 2. L A County Animal Shelter, Baldwin Park

    by: FreewayFreddy

    Horrible place, the workers at Baldwin Park Animal Shelter would rather put dogs to death than return them to their owners. This place price gouges, so just hope it's not your pet they pick up. Horrible staff, rude. Our experience with this operation was horrible, resulting in the death of our 88 year old, dying fathers best friend. Just a few weeks ago, a neighbor called to have some dogs in her backyard picked up. My nephew happened to arrive at the same time the animal shelter truck showed up down the street at the neighbors house, when my nephew came in the door, my elderly fathers small dog got out, and ran right up the street just as the dog catcher was putting three dogs in the truck at that house. He grabbed my fathers dog and took him too. My father is 88 years old, in a wheelchair, with terminal cancer and emphysema, he is on an oxygen tank 24 hours a day. "Rocky" was given to my father about 6 months ago, to comfort him in his final days. He was heartbroken that his little dog was taken by the dog catcher. "Rocky" was a young, little, male dog which had not been fixed, or licensed. He was a housedog, a lapdog, who spent most of the time on my fathers lap, at his feet, or asleep on his bed. I took my mother down to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter to try to get the little dog back for my dad. We found Rocky in the shelter. We waited in line for a long time, while one person in line in front of us was turned away, without their pets. When we got to the counter, the rude employee got on the phone right in front of us, and asked someone how many "fees" she could tack on, to make us pay the most they could get out of us. She kept asking, "can I add the $20 fee?", "can I charge them for ______?", "Can I charge for ____?". RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!! Then she got off the phone and told us we had to pay $200 to get Rocky back. My mother just about fainted right on the spot. She was not prepaired to pay $200. My parents are elderly, on a fixed income, both are ill, my father is dying, they cannot afford to pay that much to get back their little pet. I asked the employee for an itemized list of the charges, and she looked at me like I was crazy, and made a rude comment. I told her I want a computer print out of the fees they were charging that amounted to $200. The website for the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter listed a $30 fee for a license, and a $25 fee for an unfixed dog. The shelter employee then sat down and ran down a list of fees that they had chosen to stick my mom with. This is what she said: $18 a day fee for the dog being in the shelter (the dog had actually been in the shelter for maybe an hour) $35 for not being fixed (this is more than their website states) $20 fee for the call for pick up (nobody called to have the dog picked up) $60 fee for license (their website stated $30 for license) $60 fee for not being licensed (this doubling of the license fee is price gouging) For a total of $193. When I questioned their charges for the $20, the discrepanties between the fees listed on their webpage and what they were now giving us, she was adamant that the $193 was what we were going to have to pay to get the dog out. I mentioned to her that we had heard this animal shelter was "kill-happy", preferring to put a pet to sleep than to return it to it's owner, she said, you can't believe what anyone says, and I told her I actually saw a report on the TV that said the same thing. I reminded her that we had not called to have the dog picked up, so there was no reason what-so-ever to tack that on, nor was there any legitimate reason to price gouge on the license. She said that was what we were going to have to pay if we want the dog back. I asked her if there was a senior discount, and told her that the dog was my elderly, terminaly ill fathers pet, she did not care, she said there is no senior discount. My mother said she could not pay $200 to get the dog out. So I told the employee that we were not paying, she then told us we could not leave unless we paid them $10. I laughed and asked "for what?" She said, "theres a $10 fee for leaving your dog here". I told her that is when you BRING a dog to the shelter to leave it. We did NOT bring the dog here, YOU brought it here, YOU pay it. She jumped up out of her chair behind the counter and said, "you are not leaving without paying $10." I told her "watch us walk out the door and just try to stop us". That was 11 days ago. My fathers dog was put to death at the animal shelter last friday. This place needs to be investigated, and the management needs to be fired. Don't give these rip-off thieves one penny. They are horrible.




    This place is a con

  • 3. Needs Help

    by: luvmyboyz

    We visited looking for a dog, and we were so disappointed at the condition of the kennels. They were very dirty and 4 dogs crammed into small spaces sitting in the unthinkable. We hope to visit again soon to see if it's changed...and I hope for the better.


    Lots of animals to choose from


    Horribly smelly