Bakersfield spca pet adoption center

3000 gibson street
Bakersfield, CA 93308
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great Place!

    by: melodan3

    This is a Great Shelter. They have adopted many animals that could have ended up in the county pound. The shelter is improving day by day.


    Helpful staff


    Need some Repair

  • 2. Loving Hearts Waiting For Homes

    by: EnchantedGypsy

    The local Bakersfield SPCA animal shelter offers many cats & dogs of all ages for adoption to loving homes. I am delighted to share my heart & home with 3 lovely cats I adopted from the Bakersfield SPCA. Purebred and mixed breed cats & dogs can be found at the SPCA, 1 of my 3 SPCA cats is a Scottish Fold. All cats & dogs are current on their vaccinations, as well as spayed or neutered if old enough. For kittens & puppies not old enough for altering, a spay/neuter voucher is provided by the SPCA upon adoption. Guidance is provided by shelter employees & volunteers to help people find a pet suitable to their lifestyle.


    no-kill shelter


    needs more funding

  • 3. Chester is great!

    by: FlowerChildof03

    When I went to the SPCA, they let me walk around privately looking into the cages of all the dogs available. I found a friendly dog which I was immediately let to attempt to bond with...wrong dog, it didn't want anything to do with me. I found a scruffy dirty dog who'd just come in the day before, not yet even had a bath, and was allowed to bond with him. This jack russell was so sweet. We adopted him but later brought him back because he wasn't good with cats which I adopt frequently...from the streets. The SPCA insisted I fill out a profile so they would better know his personality and they let "Scruffy Bob" keep his new name which he already knew, and his favorite toy. They were very nice about everything and sympathetic. They then allowed me to view the other pets they had available. After looking at a few small and medium dogs, one of the staff helped me cut my decision down from 4 to 2 with her knowledge and observation that a few of the ones I was interested in were dominate and likely wouldn't work with cats. I had a small lab puppy to look at and a large adult terrier/retriever mix named Chester. After about 20 more minutes of thinking and a description of how they'd taken care of the 2 dogs I finally chose Chester, a 3 1/2 year old go who'd been with them for TWO YEARS! No shelter I know would keep a dog that long. He was the sweetest dog in the world, calm but full of energy and life. He was happy and healthy, clean and perfect in health according to the vet who was shocked at how long he was in the shelter with NO coughing at all! No ticks, fleas and was made sure to be neutered and up to date on all his shots. When I brought Chester home, despite having been raised in the Shelter, he was mostly potty trained and very leash trained. I'm very happy with the love and support he got and the information and help provided to me in this very emotional process. Chester was a beautiful addition to our family and my daughter just loves him!\r\n\r\nAmber P.


    friendly, lively, knowledgeable, helpful


    wish it was bigger to help more pets