Bakersfield animal shelter - kern county animal control

201 s. mount vernon avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93307
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Animals

    by: great1shark

    I have been there quite a lot of times. The only time I got mad at them was about 7 years ago I adopted a pregnant cat and they took her to the vet and aborted the kittens.


    They really do try to help you


    They do not have a lot of room and a short wait for owners to claim animals

  • 2. are they really trying to help?

    by: FlowerChildof03

    This shelter has a bad habit of being dirty, over crowded, rude and when it comes to their "animal control" they are always showing up a day or 2 later to pick up dogs that have been found. For dogs that are out there that I can't take into my home or get to sit on the side of the street and 7am, for 2 large pit bulls, animal control isn't open to help? That's just wrong! Sherriffs office says they aren't agressive if they are just barking at people and running around...well I'm sorry, I don't want to get bitten to find out if it's any further. Something needs to give, people. Expand your unit and your shelter because right now they both stink.\r\n


    they are helping animals?


    dirty, rude, take a long time for customer service, terrible phone service