Ayres memorial animal shelter / animal shelter association, inc.

133 hilltop road
Sprakers, NY 12166
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. worst ever!

    by: juliaaa03xoxo

    when i went there the service was hitting the dogs and yelling at them. also they kill alot of the animals there! WORST PLACE EVER!!!!!


    horrible service


    mean clean up people

  • 2. cool

    by: kmsdance09

    this looks like a good shelter is it running




    not koe

  • 3. Great shelter

    by: KClose

    When I was looking for a companion for my leukemia positive cat, I found him at this shelter. Tommy, also leukemia positive, was in great health and obviously loved at the shelter. Instead of euthanizing him because of his leukemia status (as most shelters would have), they gave him a chance to find a home. Four months later I went back and adopted a puppy from them. The staff is wonderful and the animals well cared for. There are a lot of animals there looking for good homes.


    caring staff


    remote location