Avondale Veterinary Hospital

6 Avondale Rd
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. I haven't had good experiences with them

    by: Brodymylove89

    i was going to avondale for a long time just because of the convenience. the front desk people always kind of treated me like i was an idiot. as for the vets.. i've never actually met any of them.. altho i hear some good things about one or two. but i do know that once guin impaled herself on a nail so i took her there. they used staples instead of sutures, in her armpit, which made her very uncomfortable, then i wasn't able to take her back being unable to make an appointment, soi took them out myself. they were imbedded in her skin and getting infected. they never sent me home with anitbiotics so its no wonder. even tho i did my best to keep it clean. i wont be going back.


    its close, inexpensive, and fast


    whenever i've gone the ppl have been rude.