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Avenues Pet Hospital

2221 Taravel St
San Francisco, CA 94116

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Awful place for your pet

    by: JMilton

    I have taken my cat to Avenues on three occasions, and have not been satisfied yet. Most recently, and the reason I am writing this review, she went in for a limp. Dr. Shari B. O'Neill, looked not very closely at her foot and prescribed $ Prednisone and wanted to schedule $$ a follow-up appt. About a week later we noticed she was bleeding on the same foot, so we brought her back to the vet $$$. This time without warning, she was seen by a brand new doctor, Dr. Shebel Hariharan, who was not even on the list of vets hanging in their own lobby (I should mention that Dr. O'Neill was in the office and working that day). This new doctor examines her foot and decides she needs to be sedated $$$$ to get a better look at her foot. She also told us she would trim her other toenails while she was sedated. After the examination we were told that it might be an abscess or a tumor, neither of which happen overnight so this problem was present during the original visit. Unfortunately, Dr. O'Neill decided to treat symptoms instead of the underlying cause of the problem resulting in a lot of stress for the cat and lots of money from me. We were also told that the lab results would be back in two days and that the doctor would call us as soon as they came in. We were not informed about the proper procedures to treat the cat. They failed to explain how long to keep the collar on to prevent her from licking the wound. They failed to explain when to begin giving the medications. They tried to charge us $25 for the collar without even mentioning it. I had to ask why the bill was higher than the estimate and the person at the front desk did not even have the itemised list in front of her and seemed to be bothered by me asking questions about all the things I should have already been told. Her nails were NOT trimmed when we finally got her home. Three days after the visit, I called the vet to find out if the lab results had come in yet, since I had still not heard from them. I was told that they had arrived and a doctor would call us as soon as they get a moment. Meanwhile, we wait anxiously to find out if our cat has cancer. Instead of waiting to get my results until Monday, I called again 5 minutes before they closed on Saturday since I still had not heard from them and they are not open on Sunday. I got a hold of yet a different doctor, Dr. Brandy Vickers, who told me that it showed up as inflammation and that we should bring the cat back for a biopsy which will remove the whole mass and test it. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but if they want to remove the mass whether it is cancer or not, why do the initial test at all? $$$$$ I will be taking my pet to a different vet from now on. Awful place.




    Uncaring, unprofessional staff, over-priced,