Ava frick, vet and chiropractor

1841 denmark road
Union, MO 63084

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. She saved our dog's life!

    by: amandalynnmc

    Dr Frick was recommended to me by another wonderful vet. We took our dog, Puppy, to her after seeing her health almost completely fail. Dr Frick was able to diagnose what was wrong rather quickly after another vet either missed it or just ignored it. After some therapy and some medication, our Puppy (who is 10 years old) is back to her normal self again with a long life ahead of her.


    Knowledgeable, Friendly



  • 2. Added at least 2 years to my dog's life!

    by: clinman

    Dr. Frick and her staff keep trying new treatment options to make sure the pet is not in any pain. She is very compassionate, caring and loving!





  • 3. Dr. Frick is the GREATEST!

    by: bushue

    Dr. Frick and her staff are very caring people who are dedicated to helping pets feel better and live longer. When I first met her several years ago with our 12-year-old pup, he had become much less active from the pain of arthritis and bad cervical discs. Rather than just treating these specific problems alone, she assessed his whole-body health and with the aid of nutritional supplements and other therapies (some of which I could do at home), he regained his puppy-like spirit again - at the age of 12! We continued to visit her for chiropractic and other therapies as he aged and developed more senior-health issues. Thanks to Dr. Frick, he was happy, healthy, and pain-free for several more years. What can be better than that?!


    extremely knowledgeable


    not a single one!!

  • 4. Hydrotherapy

    by: Bahamablue

    One of my dogs has had CCL surgery on both of her back legs, at different times. We took her to Dr. Frick for post-surgery hydrotherapy. They are one of the few places in our area who provides this service. The facility is very nice and clean. Staff is wonderful with animals. My dog loved going there. Only downfalls were it was over an hour away, quite a drive from the St Louis area and it is expensive. Good thing I don't have human kids, I spend all my money on my canine kids.


    wonderful for hydrotherapy



  • 5. Dr. Frick is great with dogs!

    by: Aussielover

    My dogs were terrified of their last 2 vets because the vet or assistant just grabbed them to perform an exam or procedure. Dr. Frick and her staff really took the few minutes necessary to make my dogs feel comforable and safe at her office. They love going in for check-ups!\r\nDr. Frick also offers titer testing for level of antibody titers in a pet's system so she knows if they need another vaccination or not. Too much of the chemicals in vaccines can cause harm to the pet, so the testing is definitely worth it to keep my dogs healthy and protected!\r\nDr. Frick also does rehab for dog sports competitors who have been injured. She has state of the art equipment and techniques to ensure speedy, healthy recovery!


    Vet and Chiropractor so great for dog sports injuries


    Far drive from St. Louis