Atlanta pet rescue & adoption, inc.

720 14th street
Atlanta, GA 30318
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Wonderful job!

    by: gibs7usa

    This shelter is doing a wonderful job saving animals in GA. We need more no-kill shelters in the south. A+


    No Kill



  • 2. A great rescue group!

    by: dana88

    A great rescue in Atlanta. For a big city we are really lacking with no-kill groups so less dogs and cats have to be euthanized.


    no-kill for cats and dogs



  • 3. Great program

    by: marshayancey

    The staff members are really nice and they have an awesome yard sale every year and a really great cocktail event called Paws for Cocktails. I go every year!


    great fundraising events


    no cons

  • 4. People who Really Care

    by: Laurabell

    Everyone involved in adoption at Atlanta Pet Rescue truly cares that the right pet goes to the right home.\r\nThe interview and counselling process is thorough and helpful to prospective adoptive families. Many of our animals have come from county shelters where they were given little care, love, or medical attention. All while awaiting death row. Once APR receives them they are frightened, timid, and sometimes traumatized. It is important the adoption is a good match for both the animal and the family. This care in selection is what sets Atlanta Pet Rescue apart from the others. The last thing anyone wants is to bring back a pet they have adopted. And APR does not want to have to readopt out the same animal again and again. Taking care to get it right the first time makes for a pleasant and fun experience for everyone involved. If you are looking for a new member for your family, come to Atlanta Pet Rescue and find the one you have been looking for! Go to


    Careful to put the right pet with the right owner


    Building too small

  • 5. Best Shelter in Atlanta

    by: betseyblimline

    I think this is the best shelter in the southeast. It is volunteer-based and the volunteers make it such a great place. They have a really amazing turnover rate - most dogs are only there for a month or less! And the ones that end up staying for a while, awaiting adoption, are usually taken into a loving foster home where they are given one on one love and attention. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and work hard to make sure the dogs and cats get the best care possible. I adopted both of my dogs from there and have volunteered with them for years. I highly recommend using Atlanta Pet Rescue if you want to add a dog or cat to your family.


    Clean, friendly, knowledgeable & hardworking staff


    Very busy on Saturdays