Ashford Veterinary Hospital

12633 Whittington Drive
Houston, TX 77077

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  • 1. Competent, compassionate care

    by: daniesq

    When we moved to Houston more than five years ago, we found Ashford Veterinary Hospital by pure luck. Over those five years, the doctors and staff of Ashford Veterinary Hospital have seen our family through routine vaccinations and exams, as well as treating more acute incidents. Always accommodating, they've provided care for even those last minute emergencies that always seem to occur five minutes before closing time.\n\nLocated at 12633 Whittington Drive, Ashford Veterinary Hospital is a stylish, compact building trimmed in blue and nestled between leafy trees. (They double as fire hydrants for nervous dogs.) Separate dog and cat entrances reduce the chance of inter-species hostilities.\n\nThe clinic is staffed by friendly, knowledgeable workers that treat the pets with genuine affection. The front desk is efficient and organized, and a hanging white board prominently showcases the the names of that days patients in a bright and colorful welcome. The counter areas display educational literature, as well as brochures for upcoming pet events.\n\nThe facilities are clean and feature surgical suites, an ICU, a lab, an x-ray room, and separate cat and dog boarding areas. The equipment is modern and the doctors are versed in the latest veterinary developments. Moreover, the staff encourage you to take the tour of the facilities - be sure to ask when you visit.\n\nThe clinic is staffed by three veterinarians, all of whom espouse quality care. Prevention is encouraged, and doctors work with the clients to develop a treatment plan to effectively care for the patient while keeping the financial aspects in mind.\n\nIn addition to dogs and cats, Ashford Veterinary Hospital also treats pocket pets and rabbits. Microchipping, spay and neuter, dental care, grooming, and boarding are just some of the services they offer. An impressive selection of premium dog and cat foods line nearly an entire wall in the lobby areas.\n\nAlso, a discount is offered for pets being adopted from animal shelters.\n\nChoosing a vet is an important decision and requires a great deal of trust in the vet's abilities and philosophies. After five years of working with Ashford Veterinary Hospital to provide the best care for my pets, I have absolute faith in their skills and enormous respect for their commitment to quality care.\n\nAshford Veterinary Hospital can be visited online at


    The staff take the time to develop a relationship with you and your pets.


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