Arlington dog & cat hospital

857 passaic avenue
Kearny, NJ 07032
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Unsure

    by: ZooAsh

    I have only ever read good reviews about this clinic every where I searched. Because of the reviews I saw I took my animals there. I won't say the service was bed however I feel the Dr. should have provided me with more information about the issue my cat had. I was told my cat has a heart murmur and the Dr. will keep an eye on it. I left feeling like my cat had a routine problem that wasn't a big deal and didn't realize the risks associated with such an issue. Needless to say my cat had a heart attack 6 months later and I was in shock. He wasn't even 3 years old, I didn't expect that. I'm not saying the Doctor was bad, however I feel I should have been informed about heart murmurs and made aware that death was a possibility. If I do return to this office I will make sure to ask a million questions before leaving





  • 2. An Excellent Medical Facility

    by: Huskyloves

    Arlington has been my dogs veterinarian clinic for nearly twenty years, even when Dr. Carmen Scherzo was still there, and now Drs. Leary, Hoey and Esrig, and I still find them to be one of the best vet clinics in the area. The clinic is spotless, the staff is always pleasant and accomadating, and I never feel rushed when there for an appointment.


    Compassionate veterinarian staff, great hours


    A bit pricey