Arlington- Arkwright Dog Park

Arkwright Street And Arlington Aveneu
St. Paul, MN 55130

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Park is nice--security is iffy?

    by: spunkins2000

    My dog really had a blast here, but one section of the park is on a steep hillside. A large dog could easily hop the fence into a low-rent apartment neighborhood which isn't far off a major highway. On the back side of the park is another gate, and on my *last* visit there, a person LEFT IT OPEN while they went back to their car to get some dog toys!!! I was just coming up over the hill, and my dog and some others from the park were poised 10 feet from the gate, considering a run for it! The park is SUPPOSED to have some improvements made soon. When they install double-gates, I will go back and try it again. The people we met were nice, and the dogs all seemed like they were well-behaved, and mostly under control. There are opportunities for them to get out of sight though.


    My dog had a great time here


    low fencing in places, multiple entry gates. . .

  • 2. Love this park!!!

    by: sarmaa

    For the most part, I love this dog park! There are trails and hills to walk on (so exercise for you too), wooded and open areas. My dogs really like this one, and the people there are usually pretty great (the regulars). It can get a bit too busy at times - then we usually leave. Great park.


    Big area, wooded with trails for walking, hills, open areas to run plus trails


    can get busy with too many dogs at times! Kids sledding in the weinter there - don't like it, but the neighborhood isn't the greatest, and they don't have anything else to do...