Arizona Animal Welfare League

30 N 40Th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85034

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Nice!

    by: plimley

    AAWL is a great possibility for getting your pet as they do pull them from the euthanasia list at county. However, like many shelters in Maricopa county, they do temperment test to determine adoptability. This keeps them from being ranked under what I refer to as a True No Kill.


    No-kill shelter


    Temperment testing

  • 2. AAWL

    by: ksdonofrio

    This organization has to be my favorite to go to when I adopt a new animal. I found my kitty at first on their website, and they immediately were in contact with me about him. He was still in foster care, but they were great about getting everything together so I could bring this baby home. When I went down to the shelter, the animals were clean and very happy. It made me feel great to know there are places out there that care about animals like this.


    Very nice staff and very happy animals


    A little bit of a drive from where I live, but still worth it

  • 3. A great place to adopt a pet

    by: atisa

    I got both my dogs from here, and I was impressed with the way everything went. They truly care about the pets and look after them with love & care.


    A very nice place


    There is none

  • 4. Great no-kill shelter with an amazing staff

    by: misanthropic777

    These folks are amazing. We've been there to look at several dogs and the place has been clean, the service great and the staff knowledgeable. They have a wonderful play yard for you to meet the dogs and for you to bring your dogs to meet the new family member. My only complaint is that their test for "good with cats" seems exceedingly strict; most dogs are flagged as not adoptable to homes with cats when in fact few dogs are truly aggressive with them. However I would rather a shelter be strict than have a tragedy on their hands, so I don't hold it against them!


    Well cared for, no kill, meeting area for your own dogs


    Most dogs flagged as not good with cats

  • 5. Wonderful No-Kill shelter

    by: babyfishmouth

    This is a great no-kill shelter (Arizona's oldest and largest no-kill). They do a wonderful job of matching prospective adopters with pets. The shelter is very neat and clean. We have been to several of their kids' educational workshops and my daughter learned quite a bit about animals and responsible pet ownership. AAWL has great fundraising events. I have not been to an Evening to Paws, but would love to go someday if I decide to pay the big $$$. They do have a really fun and well-organized yearly dog walk along with other fun events.


    Great fundraising events and kids programs


    can't think of any

  • 6. Great organization

    by: es392

    This is a great organization that provides a place for animals to go without the fear of being euthanized like at most shelters in AZ.


    No kill shelter