Arenac county animal control

3750 foco road
Standish, MI 48658
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Helping animals in arenac county

    by: amanda35542002

    I've never adopted a pet from here, but do volunteer. The staff is thorough, keep the facility clean, keep the animals well, and are genuinely caring. It is super loud in there, so if your looking to adopt be ready when you look for your pet. With the building acoustics, the noise can be overwhelming.


    Awesome Staff that really care about the welfare of animals


    The Shelter needs updates, we need to get our local govt. to care.

  • 2. Old facility but great individuals

    by: harbort

    I don't know if the shelter has been updated since I adopted a cat there 5 years ago. However even then the people were great, they loved and cared for the pets. Even they realized the shelter needed updating badly! They did not euthanize just because time was up they would maintain the animals as long as they could! These individuals cared about the animals not just a job to them!


    Wonderful people work here!


    The facility when I adopted a cat was old and in need of severe rehab