Ardmore animal care shelter

321 carol brown blvd.
Ardmore, OK 73401
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  • 1. Where I Adopted my Dog

    by: SmellyEllieBelly

    The Ardmore Animal Shelter is overall a nice shelter. It could be bigger, but then again, most animal shelters face that problem. The staff is very friendly and play with all the animals. They offer obedience classes (free to any animal adopted from the shelter) and they have an agility course just outside the facility. They are very good about letting volunteers come in and play with the animals, clean the cages, prepare food, give the dogs a bath to try and present them for adoption. The adoption fee was $50 when I got my dog 4 years ago and it came with spaying/neutering. I've really enjoyed my experience with this shelter, from both volunteering there and adopting my dog from there. They also set up pictures at Christmas for your pets with Santa Claus and every year but on a Strut Your Mutt benefit with costume contests, pet tricks, etc. It's a really fun day for everyone.


    The staff really cares about the animals. Have had donations in the past 10 years to try and improve the facility.


    Situated where not many people may know where it's at. Shelter is still a little small for the size of the city it's in.