Archer Puppies

5436 South Harlem
Summit Argo, IL 60501

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Great place to adopt from

    by: chowchowgal

    We adopted one of our dogs from here and we were so impressed with the health of the puppy and the clean facilities that we brag about them all the time.


    They have spotless cages


    Not that large

  • 2. Healthy pups available

    by: BHOLTZ

    We got a mixed breed puppy from here many years ago. They have purebred pups as well as take in puppies from private homes. They sell the mixed breed pups for reasonable prices ( no overpriced designer dogs) and provide a good health garuntee. I suppose it's better to buy here than from a pet store that only sells pups as a side business. All they sell are puppies.


    very clean, staff helpful, pups are healthy


    I'm sure some come form puppy mills

  • 3. Better to get a puppy here than a pet store

    by: BettyWood

    I suppose I'd rather someone buy a pup from Archer Puppies than from a pet store that only sells puppies as a side business. I got a pup from Archer many years ago. A mixed breed pup that was originally from a private home. This is one thing that makes Archer different, they have purebreds and mixed breeds they take in. I also had a professional relationship with them for many years when I worked for their vet. I do know that they spare no expense to take care of their pups and strive to make sure than any pup you get from them is healthy.


    very clean ,staff is knowledgable, pups well cared for


    some of the pups do come from puppy mills

  • 4. I liked it here!

    by: BasiaJune

    I like this place. My mother used to get her dog food from there. My husband bought a husky from here and when we were younger my father had bought some I think chickens or ducks for me and my sisters when we were younger. Don't remember exactly but it was a long time ago with the chickens. The staff is very nice and I like the setting! Clean and does not smell badly there!


    Nice Staff


    Store hours

  • 5. Not a fan.

    by: ibelieve783

    About 10 years ago, I went in here for a job interview. There were different people working there than there are now, but they were horrible! They were swearing through the interview, and they told me some terrible things about the owner. I did not end up working there. I also heard from someone who DID take the job that they would kill the sick puppies and simply throw them out. And they're funded by puppy mills. This place should be shut down.


    Cute, Fluffy Puppies


    Death behind closed doors?

  • 6. Hearing mixed info!

    by: carolnmaddie

    I have been in Archer puppies and the place was exceptionally clean. They staff was pretty friendly and knowledgeable. However, I have heard that there was some issues of the owners more or less killing the dogs they could not sell. I have also heard that they moved further down archer so to take the pressure off of them. I hope this is not true.


    Clean place!


    Hearing horrible rumors about abuse