Apple's veterinary hospital

1600 west 5th avenue
Columbus, OH 43212
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Awesome vet clinic!

    by: ocon05

    Apple's Vet Clinic, renamed Northstar Animal Care, is a great place to take your pets! Dr. Parson and staff are very knowlegeable and helpful. They are great with all types of pets and very friendly and easy going. I have been to many veterinarians, and Dr. Parson is by far, the best!


    friendly, knowledgeable staff!



  • 2. Apple's Vet Hospital is now Northstar Vet Hospital

    by: RCraft

    Our vet recently took a job with Northstar Vet Hospital, which was formerly Apple's Vet Hospital for years. A young vet bought the practice and just opened it back up this past year (2007). It is a charming place with a positive vibe when you walk in the front door. Our vet took the position because it was within a short distance from her home in a beautiful neighborhood and she had gone to school with the new owner Dr. Parsons. The building appears small when you first walk in, but it fans out into a large area that resembles an old church. The ambiance alone has to promote healing.\nThese vets and staff are very rescue friendly. They have books on the front counter helping to place homeless animals. They have flyers posted on the bulletin board asking people to be advocates against breed specific legislation. They give super discounts to rescues and good samaritans who are just trying to help animals in need. They really care. \nA friend of mine took a kitten with it's rectum exposed and outside of its body to Dr. Parsons. After numerous expensive surgeries, she did not get charged. That is how nice and wonderful these vets are. I cannot tell you how much we value this hospital!!


    Super staff who care and are very knowledgeable


    I followed my vet here, so I do have to drive further, but it is worth it.

  • 3. Excellent service

    by: maryanlibrarian

    This is the best vet I've ever found. The location is great for me. It appears to be in an old church, which gives the building some character. The rooms for the dogs don't have big metal tables like I'm used to seeing. Rather, the vets go down on the floor, to the dog's level. This is great at helping calm nerves! Dr. Adam Parson is extremely nice and knowledgeable. He answered any questions we had when bringing our new puppy to him for the first time. Then, about 2 weeks later, she tore up and consumed a down comforter. We were leaving the country for our honeymoon. The day before my husband took Greta to see him. He did X-rays (only charged for 1 set although he took 2) and recommended that we boarded her for a several nights so she could be under constant surveilance until the feathers passed, in case he'd have to do emergency surgery (because it'd be a lot cheaper than having someone run her to the ER). He called my sister, who was watching Greta while we were away, early to let her know all was well and she could pick her up two days early. The staff is very nice and help relieve fear in dogs and puppies. There wasn't a dog I saw that looked scared to be a the vet. The office is open on Saturday, which is a big plus. I highly recommend them to anyone!


    staff, kennel, location


    short hours on Wednesday