Apple Tree Cove Animal Hospital

11254 Northeast East 2nd Street
Kingston, WA 98346

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Wonderful Staff, Great Facility

    by: zebradreams07

    The first time I visited this hospital was after rescuing a very old and sick cat. The vet did a preliminary exam and explained all my options, but told me that he had a very slim chance and that if it were his cat he wouldn't need to know more. He recommended that if I was unsure what to do I should go to the emergency clinic for a second opinion, which I did, before making a very difficult choice. I later received a condolence card from the vet who examined him, and when I went in a few months later with my new kitten all of the staff remembered me. It's a 20 minute drive for me (as opposed to the vet 2 minutes away) and a little pricier, but it's worth it for me to know that both my pets and I will be well treated.


    Very knowledgeable and understanding, very nice facility



  • 2. Best Vet

    by: rsohler

    I had two dogs I brought to this business that had very difficult problems to diagnose. (one was Tetanus) and they treated the dogs to health.\r\n\r\nThe staff is very friendly and efficient and their boarding is excellent.\r\n\r\nI recommend this as the best Vet service in the area and as a retired Animal Control Officer, I have been to several.


    Great Staff