Apple farm veterinary hospital

2501 west dewitt henry drive
Beebe, AR 72012
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Will never use again!

    by: REddy501

    when we first got our yorkie he was 6 mos. old. we took him here for a checkup, to make sure he was healthy. immediately, the vet literally yelled at us because Lucky had fleas (which he didn't have until we took him out in front of the office to do his business). He ran no test whatsoever, gave him a heartworm shot (yes - without a heartworm test), and told us he was healthy. One week later, we spent the night at the emergency animal clinic with him. we almost lost him due to a parasite, which would have shown up on any fecal test - that is- had a test been run.


    convenient, walk-ins accepted


    rude, terrible service