Apaw animal placement agency of the windsors

S. post and conover rds.
West windsor, NJ 08550

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  • 1. Hopefull Adopter....

    by: NL75

    I just had the WORST experience EVER with APAW of the Windsors. I called to see if I could set up an appointment to see some dogs. The woman who answered the phone was RUDE, had 0 Compassion and should not have any contact with anyone!!! She should be ashamed of herself!! We recently lost a dog to a tragic accident.. she was hit by a car. And this sub-human woman had the audacity to tell me that she would never adopt to us. She never heard the whole story.. She also asked if our cats were declawed.. and when I said no, because it was inhumane she said that she certainly would not adopt to us. Is she for real??? What kind of a shelter is looking to place dogs in homes where they mutilate their pets. SHAME ON YOU! DO NOT ADOPT FROM HERE>>> They are not caring people at all. If anyone from APAW would like to prove me wrong.. then please do.. but nothing I experienced today says to me that you are fit to adopt pets out.