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  • 1. Avoid at all costs!!

    by: ztT4MP46113596

    We took our dog to be trained in the guaranteed program wherein they guarantee training and keep your dog for as long as it takes. Unfortunately, that meant that they almost had to kill our dog to get her to submit to their methods. When we got her back after four weeks, she was so damaged she had lost a quarter of her body weight (she was already thin when we took her in), she couldn't eat and threw everything up that we gave her, and had nervous alergic reactions. We had to rush her to the vet who told us that the dog was very malnourished and that the staff at Anthony's Pets probably had seen her sick but done nothing. $600 in vet bills later, Anthony refuses to take even partial reponsibility and reimburse a portion of the vet bill. AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS; OUR DOG IS FAIRLY WELL TRAINED, BUT IT ALMOST KILLED HER. THIS IS A VERY BAD BUSINESS.


    Trained dog pretty well


    Almost killed dog in process