Animals deserving of proper treatment (a.d.o.p.t.)

420 industrial drive
Naperville, IL 60563
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Bravo - no kill!

    by: jmh4716

    I applaud that they are a no-kill shelter. They've really worked on trying to make the animals comfortable, especially the cats. The design of the dog kennels is also smart. I know they have the best interest of the animals at heart.


    No Kill


    Not always personable

  • 2. nice Lean Place

    by: shadysadie

    I have visited ADOPT as a staff member of another local shelter. I love the way the kennel is designed so that the dogs don't have to face each other. This makes the room quieter and calmer. I also like that they have rooms for their cats that are cageless and have realfurniture in them, so it's more like a home. They did a good job designing this place.





  • 3. Friendly helpful staff

    by: TeresaKline

    I have not yet been to ADOPT but they have been willing to try to help us in the past when my small rescue group was overloaded with cats.They are friendly and always call us back.


    Friendly helpful staff


    none noted at this point

  • 4. Too Many Rules

    by: Sydcher

    The staff here is knowledgeable but extremely picky with giving pets to people. If you have kids or no fence, it is almost impossible even if you have FOURTY years of pet experience. I gave up.


    Lots of pets


    Too picky