Animal welfare society of southeastern michigan

27796 john r road
Madison heights, MI 48071
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. My dog is from here

    by: Beckala118

    I visited the facility before they moved to there new one. That was 4 years ago, it was a small office space that was unorganized and dirty. But they do their best at getting the animals checked out by vets, I worked at a vet that adopted out kittens for them. I got my dog from there but he was at a foster home not from the building. He is the best dog ever!


    They have alot of animals, no kill


    They have alot of animals

  • 2. careing and lovable people

    by: bignosh

    Very friendly staff who care about every single animal they rescue. This shelter does not put any animal down if they cant be adopted out they keep them as a shelter pet. I adopted my dog up from this shelter and when she first came to the shelter you could see every bone she was also covered in her own wast very sad. thees ladies at this shelter brought my girl back to life. I know all of this first hand my mother-in-law is a volunteer and a dang good one at that my three kids also like to go up there and help out. So do your part in the war against abandonment and adopt from a shelter because every animal needs a loving home.


    rescues all animals and gives them life back


    Some times hard to adopt picky

  • 3. This place is great!

    by: RPS

    I have adopted my last 2 dogs from these people. Everyone I came in contact with was very helpful and nice. My dogs are awesome. The place was so clean and didn't smell at all. It was hard to believe there were animals even in there. I would recommend them to anyone. When I went there the place was packed so they must be doing something right! The adoption fees are very reasonble too. My dogs had all his vet work done and was healthy as can be. Thank you Animal Welfare Society!!!!


    Animals are in a great atmosphere and well cared for.


    Had no negative experiences.

  • 4. WELFARE But Not For Animals

    by: Frogdog101

    Over the past Christmas holiday my husband and I thought about adopting a puppy to add to our family. I went in to Animal Welfare Society to view the puppies that were available for adoption. I went up to the front desk and was half heartedly greeted by a red head who was talking on her cell phone. I asked if they had any puppies for adoption and was told there were none in the shelter but I could go in the back to see the dogs they had. There was a terrible smell of urine and feces. After walking around the place I heard whining and crying comming from a closed curtain in the rear of the building. Much to my dismay and disgust, there were a litter of Aussie/Mix puppies in a large pen. These poor puppies were kept in this filthy pen with feces, urine, and soaked newspaper! They had no food or fresh water and the bowls had fecal material stuck to them. I was beside myself. I told one of the workers about my concern and she said the Vice President of the shelter was up front and I should address my concerns to her. I promptly went back up to the front desk only to find no one there. I left that place in tears. Today I went back to the place to see if the puppies were still there. They have removed the pups from the pen and now have them housed in crates that are stacked on top of one another, still behind a closed curtain. The crates are filthy and these poor puppies still do not have fresh water! A volunteer told me the puppies have ringworm but they're getting better so I can probably adopt one now. How pathetic! I asked her what the adoption fee was and she said $250.00!!! What a deal, $250.00 for an unsocialized, ringworm puppy, that is housed in filthy conditions. How can these people call themselves Animal Welfare? The puppies were not the only alarming sight in their facility. There were other animals being compromised as well. The only reason I would even consider adopting an animal from this place is to get it out of there.


    Claim to be a no-kill shelter


    Unthrifty conditions, rude and unknowledgable staff,

  • 5. Shelter Manager stole money

    by: concerned1940

    During the summer of 2008 the shelter manager stole money donated and from adoptions from the shelter and used it for her home and family. She also took donated dog food home to feed her own dogs. She was very rude and uninformed about dogs and their well being. So you may attribute the poor facility conditions to this fact. I have learned she is no longer associated with this shelter but who knows. Hopefully they will get their act together. She is probably "working" as a foster home for another group so watch out the animals may be sick.


    a shelter


    money went to shelter manager

  • 6. Quanity verses Quality

    by: julie646

    This rescue/shelter seems to be more interested in how many pets they can place. I know several of their adoptees have either ended up at the animal shelter or people have rehomed them. They don't do home visits(even for pit bulls) or even try to match people up with dogs. Yes the animals are alive but I really think they need to focus on making what animals they all ready have in their system better. Definatly need more knowledgable people that know something about dog behavior and what breed is potential match for for adopters.


    animals are alive


    fiflty, animals shoved in cages together. Seems they care more about quanity of adoptions verses quality of homes