Animal welfare shelter

1825 chester blvd
Richmond , IN 47374

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Doing the Best in a Difficult Situation

    by: ztT4MP88821014

    I had the honor of sitting for a while with one of the staff members to chat about how this shelter is run. She told me that, of approximately 400 animals that come into the shelter per month, between 250 and 300 are able to be adopted out or maintained in the facility. Euthanasia is done as humanely as possible, and is performed not only on the criteria of time, but also health and behavior. When an animals is relinquished, the staff takes copious notes on its behavior, and that information is passed on to possible adopters. The staff takes pride in its honesty, and they do enjoy working with the animals (its the people they sometimes can't stand). I was able to view an adoption in progress, and the people seemed friendly and helpful. Great work in the face of so much adversity!


    A well-kept kill shelter with caring staff


    Euthaniasia shelter

  • 2. Animals need help

    by: lambrhondal

    Based upon reviews of people trying to rescue or make a difference in the lives of animals, this shelter needs an overhauling. A shelter should not exist for purposes of euthanasia but the majority should be there to be helped in finding homes. I come from a shelter with a like background, but we have made a difference of a killing of over 5,000 in 2005 to 1,800 the last 10 months of 2007. Saving is harder than killing but saving is much more beneficial to all involved especially the animals.


    Some animals are helped



  • 3. Bad Service

    by: amblock

    I don't like this shelter, I have found the staff to be very rude to potential adopters. Many animals that go here do end up dying. They don't try to put themselves out there to get animals adopted, its like they aren't concerned about getting the animals adopted.




    rude to people, not helpful

  • 4. Cold and kill shelter

    by: dovejay

    I looked for a lost cat there once and it was very hard to get in to see the animals. The staff were having friendly chat with each other and made it clear they had no interest in helping me find my cat or even in showing the other animals. The environment was cold as well and very depressing.




    Cold staff, unattentive, indifferent.. just a job