Animal welfare league of trumbull county

545 brunstetter road sw
Warren, OH 44481
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. HELP

    by: diamond8

    There is a restaurant (will probably be gutted) that will be going up for sale in Lordstown soon, down the road from the current shelter, it has lots of property and a house on the premesis with enough donations and help and support the shelter could consider moving out that way!


    they do all they can



  • 2. A Wonderful Shelter

    by: PetLover1997

    Me and my mom vollunteer her and love it. We really need this make over beacause there shelter is really old and we want to move to a different biulding beacaus the animals don't have to much room to play.Please help are shelter.


    You can play with the animals.


    Smallparking lot.

  • 3. A smart place to visit

    by: Deanopetlover

    I have been volunteering at this shelter for the last few months and think this is a wonderful place to adopt a pet from. They are very tidy and the animals seem to be happy there. I highly recommend this shelter to anyone looking to adopt a pet, or looking for a great place to volunteer and help animals while enjoying them. It is alot of fun, it makes you feel good inside and the animals love the attention. The only thing they really need is to win the Shelter Makeover!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please vote for AWL of Trumbull County. \r\nThanks!


    Lots of great animals to choose from


    No place for cats to play, needs more parking & space

  • 4. Two Adoptions from AWL of Trumbull Co.

    by: bpearce

    I have adopted a cat and a dog from AWL. They are both a great addition to my zoo. The staff was very helpful in our decision of making the correct choice for our household. They are doing a wonderful job,\nwhile working in a facility that is old and small for the number of animals being abandoned. \n\nI admire everyone associated with this shelter and\nwish I could do more to help them.


    The staff is doing a wonderful job with the animals.


    The facility is old but adequate for the needs of the animals.

  • 5. Great People At Animal Welfare League

    by: babs5669

    I have been to this shelter a number of times and have adopted or helped family members adopt animals from here. The shelter is too small for the amount of animlas they have and often have to refer intakes to other shelters. But they do the best they can with what they have. My last adoption from them was 6 years ago whan I adopted a yellow lab that had been hit or thrown from a car. She was so depressed and had alot of medical healing to do yet that when I said I'd take her, they wouldn't even charge me the adoption rate, just for her tags. They were so happy that someone would be willing to take this injured dog that they had all fallen in love with. Molly has been the best dog I have ever owned (if you don't count the sheding and burning up of sweepers ever 6 months!) She is now 9 years old and suffering from arthritis, but I do everything I can to make this dogs life paradise because I know she had it rough to begin with. My heart goes out to all those workers that do everything they can to help the animals in their shelter.


    The people try to do the best they can


    The shelter needs repair services and a bigger facility

  • 6. Large selection of Dogs

    by: RJx2541

    Before I moved to Uniontown, I got one of my former dogs here. She was such a great dog, but the shelter lacked a little hygiene. It was a very small place, and I feel bad for the dogs because they didn't get much food (the shelter couldn't afford to feed over 50 dogs twice a day), and it was overcrowded with other dogs. I support this shelter here at zootoo because I want all of the dogs to get more food, have bigger cages, and be in a bigger area with more toys and cleanliness.


    Lots of pets to choose from, pets have a toy, indoor/outdoor cages, good dogs


    Messy, smelly, and loud.