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  • 1. Dr. Stuart Johnson - TPLO specialist

    by: sday1954

    Cooper just had his surgery last month (Feb. 2008) and still has about 5 months of recuperation after TPLO surgery on BOTH rear knees. He was up (slowly) right away and now our biggest concern is keeping him calm enough for his legs to completely heal, as he is ready to play, run, jump again.\n\nDr. Johnson trained with the vet who developed this type of procedure and has been performing the surgeries for several years. After talking with him I felt completely confident in his ability and so far Cooper has responding fantastically to the surgery. Time will tell, but he should be better than new in a few months.


    Dr. Johnson is very knowledgeable and performs 200+ TPLO surgeries per year.


    Hours a bit inconvenient, especially for follow-up visits