Animal shelter of wood river valley

100 croy creek road P.o. box 1496
Hailey, ID 83333
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Visit and take a rescue for a walk

    by: yeowzah

    Wonderful people working hard to make a difference for these beautiful animals. We stop by when we are on our way to Sun Valley to take a dog for a walk. Helps free up the time of staff and is great exercise for us and socialization for the dogs.


    Very wonderful environment



  • 2. Great Shelter

    by: magealita

    The staff are very friendly and supportive. The large spacious runs for the dogs are just amazing. Not only are they given a lot of room to play in, the dogs are also given daily walks by the volunteers. There is also great rooms for cats to play in. Each room has about 6 cats on average. I got my dog Jasper there as a puppy, well he was about 4 months old. But we had been there several times before, and were always treated with great kindness. And the animals are treated with great kindness and respect. My boyfriend's mom also got her dogs from this shelter, and my boyfriend's sister spent a summer volunteering for the shelter. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for a furry friend of the dog or cat variety. \n\n\n\nAlso they have introduced a great spay/neuter program which allows for free spaying/neutering once a month to the community. This has greatly reduced the intake rate of animals in need of homes.


    No Kill Shelter, Large Kennels, Great Spay/Neuter Program