Animal shelter of schoharie valley

P.o. box 40
Howes cave, NY 12092
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User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Wonderful

    by: ztT4MP24937744

    I got my cat Taz from this shelter and the people that work there are wonderful. Everyone is so nice and despite the number of animals they have come and go all the time, they still remember my cats name when I take him in. They ask for pictures of him to watch him grow and they like to make sure people who adopt are taking care of the animals. I am going to look for my puppy at their shelter also. Wonderful job!


    Everything was great


    I have no complaints

  • 2. Join Us!

    by: schuppel23

    YOU ARE INVITED!!\r\n\r\nThe Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley is hosting a Family & Friends Reunion BBQ, Saturday June 21st from 1-4pm and we would love it if you and your adopted shelter dog would join us! We are having food, fun, and even a Birthday Paw-ty for Flo and her puppies who will be turning 1 year old! Family, Friends, Everyone WELCOME! BRING YOUR DOG(S)!\r\n\r\nMARK YOUR CALENDARS!...Hope to see you then!\r\n\r\nSincerely,\r\nThe Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley\r\\r\n


    BBQ Reunion



  • 3. The Little Shelter that Could

    by: andi216

    They have been very polite to me when I have gone there I seem to be a magnet to stray cats and other than the two I kept I had to bring the other ones there and even though I was just focused on getting them out of the cold I ended up bringing them in even though there was a waiting list. Luckily they were very kind about it and very willing to help. I'm hoping to voulenteer there soon.


    nice people and clean


    not enough space

  • 4. Little shelter with big heart that makes families complete :-)

    by: ballock5

    I'm not going to say a whole lot because I'll end up sobbing :-), but this shelter was so good to us since it was a drive to get to them. I won't ever forget when Scott came outside with Buddy on his leash. I could tell they were made for each other, but even I didn't know what Buddy would bring to our lives. He's made us whole and there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't make us smile. We will never lose appreciation for what the Schoharie Shelter brought to us!


    Everything they do is a pro.


    Hard to get support in such a small, rural area. has to be tough...

  • 5. amazing shelter

    by: kittytin

    my family and i had a terrific experience at the shelter. we visited in hopes of adotping a certain dog we say on the web site but after spending some time with the dog at the shelter we realized that dog would not be a suitable fit. We were able to observe the other protential adoptive dogs and found a dog the fit with our family perfectly. The staff was very helpful and I was impressed that they did a vet check on the protential adoptive person to verify that they will take good care of the pet. They allowed us to take our time and bring our other dog to the shelter to ensure that the two dogs would be okay together. They also let us know that if we found that the adoption wasn't working out that we could return the dog to the shelter.


    they are great with the animals and a do a great check on people adopting the animals to ensure they go to approprate homes. They will also allow the animals to be returned if the situation doesn't work out. they allowed us to bring our other dog to meet the potential adoptive dog to ensure they would be okay together before we officially adopted.


    they shelter has limited space so although they provide the best care possible because of the limited amount of space sometimes accomodating the individual needs of the sheltered animals is difficult.

  • 6. Great place!

    by: evilblaksheepbaa

    This shelter is the most welcoming one I've ever been to! The staff is friendly and seems to know each animal as an individual, which makes them special in this area. They're a great asset to our community.


    Clean; friendly, caring staff; follow up quickly;



  • 7. A Little Shelter With a Big Heart

    by: 6420

    Great shelter with a very caring staff.They make the best out of a small and outdated shelter.The animals are all well taken care of.


    caring staff,recognizes individuality of all residents


    desperately needs space for getting acquainted and fund raising

  • by: mitchellsmom1

    I adopted Mitchell in August. He had been at the shelter for 2 years! He is absolutely the BEST dog ever.\r\nHe is so docile, yet playful, but he knows when to \r\nbe protective. The shelter trained him and what an obedient dog! He has made such a difference in our household.\r\n


    great staff!


    very very small and in need of a total makeover!!

  • 9. Most Awesome Shelter Ever!!

    by: swiffer109

    Awesome small shelter who despirately needs a makeover!!! Visit to view pets!!


    Excellent training/behavior recommendations, everything really :-)