Animal rescue of west pasco

14945 harmon dr.
Brooksville , FL 34610

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  • 1. Adoption agency or collectors?

    by: JulesFL

    I have visited this shelter several times over the last few years and was interested in adopting a goose and a pony. They keep a very large number of geese, but I am told do not adopt any out. They also allow the geese to reproduce, and I have mixed feelings about this practice. They seem to be collectors in this aspect. I also inquired about one of their several ponies, only to be told they weren't available for adoption, but not for a medical reason, just because they wanted to keep them. The shelter itself and it's employees and support volunteers seem to be good people. I just don't agree with the practice of when someone wants to give an animal a good forever home, that they choose to decline the offer of adoption.


    Most animals are adoptable.


    Some that should be adoptable are NOT.

  • 2. stray wildlife

    by: KathiJ

    This is a very helpful agency who deals with wildlife. Ten years ago I took a baby squirrel there when it fell out of a tree at my school. Couldn't put it back in the nest as it was 20 feet high. I also took my class on a field trip there and the workers there were very helpful.


    wealth of wildlife knowledge



  • 3. They don't get enough credit for what they do...

    by: nanettejw

    This organization does many wonderful things and doesn't get enough credit. It is hard for shelters or rescue organizations in our area to get the press they need to be successful as one organization seems to considered the only shelter worth writing about (I'll leave them unmentioned as they get enough press even if they are full of hot air). \nBut this organization deserves mentioning and deserves recognition for all they do. Thank you.


    They do wonderful things


    They don't get enough credit