Animal rescue league of el paso

P.o. box 13055
El paso, TX 79931
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    by: abraham411

    DO NOT ADOPT AN ANIMAL FROM THIS SHELTER!!! If you wish to donate to them, go ahead, but don't make the same mistake I did by adopting an animal from them. They make you sign away any legal rights you have to the pet and have a clause that says they can come and take the pet at any time for any reason. When I signed the paperwork, I felt a bit uneasy about it, but I shrugged it off them just trying to make a point to people that might neglect the animal. I brought the new puppy home and she immediately brought my older dog to life - they played 24hrs a day!. My kids fell in love with her and also played with her all the time. My wife and I have 3 kids and both work, so we stay pretty busy. We had the new puppy for 2 months and had her completely house-trained when ARL decided we didn't get an appointment fast enough for them for the next "recommended" vaccine (even though we had one scheduled for the following Monday, so they came and took her away. My kids were devistated and my wife was a wreck. I am filing a civil suit to try and get our pet back, but if I had to do it all again, I would just buy one from a pet store...even though I thought I was doing the right thing by giving a homeless dog a loving family. This whole experience was reduculous! Your children don't get taken away if you're a little late getting their immunizations at the "recommended" intervals. Apparently, ARL cares more about their timely schedule than a homeless animal being part of a family in a loving home. Where's the poor pet now??? - back in the shlter in a metal cage with a concrete floor.




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  • 2. AWESOME

    by: DCHS

    Ive spoken to Loretta the Director a few times and her and i see eye to eye on alot\nincluding the 100% NO kill


    Awesome people


    dont know of any

  • 3. Very Good at doing a very hard job!

    by: KEGoodell

    They are very good at placing animals and finding the right family for the animals. Picky is best for the pets as they try to place them. No one wants to see them homeless again, even by accident.


    They work very hard; are very committed;


    Need a larger place, but doesn't every shelter!

  • 4. great place but poor managment

    by: seahealer

    My father was turned away for being a truck driver looking for a dog to go on the road with him. And was told by one of the staff members its was animal abuse. It that was true no truck driver would be aloud to have a dog. This made my father really upset and no longer wants to adopt or look for another dog from anyone. People are just mean..


    Lots of pets


    only rich with no kids

  • 5. Great Shelter for the forgotten

    by: dustytaos

    This volunteer based shelter is a wonderful asset to our community. Their no kill policy and the number of abandoned, stray, abused and forgotten animals they have rescued, provided medical attention for and placed into loving homes speaks for itself. In a city where over 26,000 animals are euthanized each year, their work is invaluable. They also are involved in the communtiy and just last year, provided animal oxygen masks to each fire station in El Paso and provided boots for the fire investigator dogs. They've also been involved in rescuing animals from puppy mills, hoarding situations and natural disasters like Katrina.\n\nTheir love and compassion for those that have been forgotten has contiinually grown for the last 13 years. I also like the fact that they involve the next generation in educating them about pet guardianship and responsibility.\n\nGreat organization!


    they work hard in the communinty to protect rescued animals in a no kill environment



  • 6. Great No Kill Shelter

    by: Le2tsy

    This is a great shelter, has been around for 13 years. Saves and adopts an average of 1500 animals a year. Truly dedicated to the animals and the community.


    This is a no-kill shelter, long term committment to animals


    Not enough funds or space to save more animals