Animal rescue league of boston -dedham location

55 anna's place
Dedham, MA 02026
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User Reviews (8)

  • 1. wonderful and caring staff

    by: nuangel1

    i recently moved and couldn't keep my 2 cats .i surrendered them to annies.the staff were so kind and compassionate .they understood it was very hard for me .but it was something i had to do.they made the process as simple as they could.they also go out of there way to learn about the likes dislikes and personality of the animals they are getting.winderful experience


    clean organized and wonderful staff



  • 2. incredible care givers and

    by: Kaitlyn1612

    I have not visited this location yet, but plan too. although over the years this rescue league has help me and many a people with stray or hurt animals in need. has help with urgency and care and consideration for not only the animals but also for the client whom is calling about the situation at hand. time and time again this organization will not let you down and utilizes all that they have and can offer in the best way possible! I give them a 10!


    skilled and professional, extremely helpful


    the state does not fund them enough

  • 3. Toby's from Dedham

    by: debvogel

    My Toby is from the Dedham branch... what more do I have to say!!!


    Very friendly atmosphere


    Shelter is too small

  • 4. Love this place!

    by: hilaryg23

    Obviously I love this place, I work there. But there truly is a lot to see here and it's definitely worth a trip! Come down on a nice day so you can walk the grounds! We have animals for adoption and our staff is more than happy to help!


    Very cool, lots to see!


    Aging facility...

  • 5. Don't take my word for it, visit & see for yourself

    by: bfinn

    Okay so I'm the assistant manager at the Dedham branch of the Animal Rescue League of Boston, but really how many people say they love their job. I love the organization I work for but even more my branch. As you drive up the driveway it's a breath-taking view. A beautiful big red barn, stunning cemetery, and paddock with all kinds of animals. The grounds are clean, well maintained, and you'll view local residents taking a quiet walk with their leashed pets thru our historic cemetery. As for the shelter, it is a bit outdated when one considers the new technology & research in shelter design. But the shelter is clean, customer friendly, and the animals want for nothing. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to go that extra mile; whether it is for an animal in need or a person in need. But don't take my word for it. Come visit us and see for yourself


    Beautiful grounds, Nice people


    Needs updating

  • 6. the best shleter ever!!!

    by: jnaplus8

    Well my cousin works there so i kn ow alot of the other staff as well. i have been to the shelter on my occasions adn the are the nicest people and the animals are very well taken care of. they really deserve the makeover.!!


    the staff is great. very friendly and knowledgable.


    no complaints here

  • 7. Caring people

    by: BMcClain

    OK, I work there. I admit it. But that doesn't mean I can't tell you all about it! This place is really awesome. We have a shelter (including a barn) as well as a pet cemetery and we help all kinds of folks with all kinds of problems. We help grieving pet owners have a place to memorialize their pets. We help new owners find the perfect pet for their household. We help people who have found injured wildlife or pets and are looking for somewhere to turn. We also help poor kitties that knew climbing trees was fun, but can't quite figure out how to get back down. We work hard to keep the shelter clean for the health of our animals, staff, and visitors. Whether you are looking for a pet or just looking for a nice place to walk around - this is really the place to come!


    A great staff in a nice country setting


    A bit cramped...

  • 8. Best kept Secret

    by: jjcope

    My girlfriend works there so I may be a bit bias but the staff are really genuine good people. I've seen them go out of there way to help people & animals. The make use of everything they have to it's fullest to provide the best quality of care. On the few occasions I've been there, visitors have commented on how clean it is. I've also seen regular visitor utilizing the beautiful property to walk their own dogs.


    Quiet, peaceful, beautiful grounds, and really nice people


    The shelter itself is small so it can get pretty crowded on busy days