Animal refuge center

185 basham trail
Vine grove, KY 40175
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Very caring staff!!!

    by: kgarrett

    ARC is run by a very caring staff in an area that needs a shelter for their pet overpopulation.


    Run by very caring animal lovers



  • 2. Thank goodness for ARC!

    by: patmckinney

    The Animal Refuge Center in Vine Grove, Kentucky, is a God-send for our area. The people who work there have devoted their lives to making life better for unwanted animals. They work so hard to find good, loving homes for these animals and, more importantly, will not adopt out any animal to someone about whom they feel uneasy. This makes for very successful adoptions. The staff at ARC gives all of the animals names. This simple gesture has a big impact in so many ways. Once they arrive at ARC and have a name, they are no longer unwanted! (They can live out their lives surrounded by loving, caring people even if they are never adopted out to a home.) There are all kinds of ways for the community to help out with ARC. People in the community can volunteer time at the shelter, they can sponsor one or more of the animals at the shelter with a monthly check, or they can help out with monthly adoption days at the local Feeders' Supply, just to name a few. A regular newsletter keeps the community informed of everything that is going on with ARC. Thank goodness for ARC!


    caring and hardworking staff/volunteers, community visibility, home-like environment, successful adoptions through careful screening


    ...can't think of any. As is the case with any shelter, there is a need for more money and volunteers.