Animal orphanage

P.o. box 163
Old town, ME
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  • 1. An excellent little shelter

    by: ptaws

    This is my other animal shelter that I show support for. When I lived in the area of the Animal Orphanage in 2001 I adopted two of my wonderful cats from here, the now-named Porkey and Tabby but the originally named William and Peggy.\r\n\r\nThe shelter is well maintained, the staff is always friendly. Anytime I get down in the vicinity of Old Town I try to make at least a stop by. Visit my cats' old stomping grounds, visit with the staff, visit the animals they have in, give support - and treats! - to the cats and dogs they usually have in. Facility is well-maintained and they have a wonderful outdoor play area for the cats. If someone lives in the Old Town/Orono area or even in Bangor, they should give this shelter a stop-by and support the service they're providing.


    friendly staff, wonderful and loving animals