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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Very Good, Caring Service

    by: Jude20

    Compared to previous vets, these people are great! I usually see Dr. Godwin, who is excellent, but I feel confident with the other staff when Dr. G isn't available. Everyone seems sincerely interested in the well being of my three dogs.


    Convenient, no long waits, thorough service


    A bit pricey, but aren't they all?

  • 2. no payments

    by: blueskies

    This group was my regular vet for the last 5 years. I had a very sick puppy (6yrs old) and called them. I am on disability (a fixed income) and told them. The woman I talked to said she would talk to the vet and see what could be done. She would call me back in 10 minutes. Well she did call back and told me they couldnt work with me as the books had to balance at the end of the day. Well I called Aloha in Indian Harbour Beach and they told me to come right in. Dr Peppin (at Aloha) was wonderful. Gave my little boy a shot of pennicillan, something to hydrate him, all kinds of tests and medicine to give to him at home. Brought him back the next dayfor Dr Peppin to check out and again 3 days later. He also received his shots as they were due this month. Total bill was $409.00 I gave them $70.00 the first visit and we are now making payments. My Brutty is now back to his old normal self again thanks to Aloha


    very nice Drs


    will not work with you on payment, books have to balance at end of day

  • 3. Very caring and understanding

    by: BusBus

    I had found a very sweet old dog (Buster) and fell in love, so I gave him a home with my family. Unfortunatley he was a very sick dog. I had recently moved and needed to find a Good Vet. After a visit to the ER with Buster I heard about Dr. Young and the other wonderful vets at Animal Medical Clinic. Dr. Young not only understood my financial situation he worked with me on how I could take care of my sweet Buster. Dr. Young was very knowledgeable, very kind and very curteous to my situation. When it was time for Buster to go home to the Lord Dr. Young was right there for us. Everyone there was very kind, understanding and was also able to give me information on anything I needed.


    Understanding, Caring, Well Staffed



  • 4. These people truly care

    by: flap1969

    I have been a customer since 2003 and can honestly say that these people truly care about your pet. My cat, Mercedes, was having blood in her urine and after going to several specialists recommended by another veterinary clinic and getting no answers, I decided to switch vets. Dr. Carraway was fantastic! She diagnosed and treated her and in no time Mercy returned to the happy, healthy girl that she was previously. I have also seen other vets at AMC on an emergency basis and they were just as wonderful. In the past, I have been to vets that I have felt were not cat friendly. At AMC I've seen dogs, cats, rabbits, etc all being treated with the same TLC. I would definitely entrust the care of any of my precious pets to AMC.


    Wonderful vets



  • 5. You Want These Professionals!

    by: K9KRZY

    We arrived from Germany in 2006 after having a specialist for 3 years with our pup because of allergies to several things. He is on a special diet, is administered weekly allergen injections and at the time was on the AWESOME medicine of Atopica. When first meeting with the staff and Dr Thomson (whom I chose from on line), I was fearful of not receiving the same "specialized" care that we had been blessed with while in Germany with a DVM in Dermatology. Dr Thomson was very knowledgable of allergy pros/cons and respected my knowledge of the subject, through hands on experience with my baby. When after several years of Nigel being on Atopica (about the time we rtn'd to USA) and no longer able to handle it gastrointestinally, he offered another option. Nigel is extremely comfortable with this other alternative and I've barely noticed the difference between treatments. Dr Thomson is open for questions, suggestions, and philosiphy that you are willing to present. For this, I am forever thankful. The front office staff....superb... and I'd be proud to work beside them.


    I'm Hard To Impress and They Did!


    Further Away Than I'd Prefer But Worth It!