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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. How my cat picked me!!!

    by: tabreier

    After our dog passed away last summer my husband was avid about not getting another pet. I had my heart set on a kitten. (not yellow and not a male) I spent many hours at the shelter playing with the kittens. I wasn't in any hurry and Martha and the rest of the staff were very patient with me. (I knew my kitten would come in someday) I was playing with DeeCee and started to talk to my friend, well he took his paw brought my face back to his and licked me from chin to forehead. He knew he had me from that moment. Now all I had to do was convince my husband. The day I brought him home he immediatly jumped from my arms into my husbands wrapped himself around his neck and slept for the next hour. And Terry wouldn't give him up. Martha said they know who they have to suck up to! He has been renamed Orbe by my husband after tattoo artist Kat Von Di's ex-boyfriend Orbe. (Roy Orbison's son) He was 3 months old when he came to his forever home and is now 7 months old. He is a joy to have. I have to thank the shelter again for socializing him so well. He loves to be kissed and kisses back. He actually comes in the bedroom in the morning when I am using the lint brush on my clothes and rolls over on his back so he can have his tummy done. Thank you so much everyone at Animal Lifeline of Iowa I know I gave Orbe a home but you gave me my best 4 legged friend!!! Oh by the way he's yellow and a male...good thing you don't always get what you wish for.


    Wonderful people, great pets


    Not enough people look to shelters for adoption

  • 2. Volunteer

    by: aradiay6

    I love little furry critters and I volunteer here because I know that every animal here is going to find a good home someday. The animals always receive they care they need and then some.


    No kill animal shelter; takes very good care of the animals


    They can only take in special needs cats and dogs.

  • 3. A Truly Wonderful Place!

    by: DaniM

    This shelter is one of the most caring and nurturing places I have ever seen. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and the animals are clean and well cared for. No animal is turned away and they can stay as long as necessary to find them just the right home. I started volunteering five months ago in the cat section, and the experience changed my outlook on life. It is almost impossible to remain in a bad mood when you have kittens scampering around your feet and a cat purring in your lap grateful for just some love and attention. I feel blessed to spend some time there.


    The staff truly cares about each and every animal that comes through the door.


    Not big enough. More animals need this kind of care.

  • 4. Awsome Experince

    by: Jman

    This is a great facility. My sister told me about the shelter and we went to volunteer there on a saturday morning. It was an incredible experience because I spent time with my sister and we helped animals that are in need of a home. When you go and visit the shelter, you cannot help but fall in love with the animals. The staff are caring and I could tell they wanted to be there!


    Overall amazing!


    No cons.

  • 5. What Animal Lifeline means to me.

    by: hannahb

    After working at Animal Lifeline for over a year, I've come to find a lot about not only animals, but myself.\r\nWhen i started as a volunteer, i started basically to put on my college apps., maybe to start working as a part time job, and to give back to the community. Well so much for that. : ) \r\n\r\nThose cats and dogs have come to teach me so much. They teach me every day that no matter how much the rest of the world stinks out there, you can always come to find someone that is counting on you... whether to feed them, give them their meds, or just to let them go outside to potty and for some play time... always full of love.\r\n\r\nThe staff there is absolutly great! They really connect with people on a personal level. They have probably heard every situation in the book being open for over 20 years- but they treat each individual problem as a priority. They always have an answer and if they arnt 100 percent absolutly sure on something, they will either find it out for themselves, or they will give you a number for someone that will know.\r\nAND\r\nIt is probably the most cleanest animal shelter i have ever been in.\r\n\r\nIt's always a relief to know that when you walk into a no-kill shelter- you know if someone is gone, then they got adopted. \r\n\r\nI have nothing bad to say about Animal Lifeline of Iowa, and even though i started out as a part time volunteer, i know im a lifetime part of the Animal Lifeline FAMILY.


    no-kill shelter


    not a very big shelter

  • 6. I love this shelter!

    by: rosier

    I work at the shelter and I can tell you from personal experience everyone there truly loves the animals. Unfortunately there are times were the animals does not survive due to health reasons. I think that is one of the things that makes the shelter so special to me. They take in the animals that some people overlook or would be put down in a traditional shelter due to health or behavioral issues. And the people in the shelter will full heartedly to help each and every animal that comes through it's doors. When you walk in to Animal Lifeline you will not smell the normal shelter smell. All of the rooms are deep cleaned every morning and in the evening as needed. The cat rooms are set up so all of the cats are not stuck in cages all day/night. The dogs get trips outside and play times 6 to 7 times a day. Several of our dogs go through obedience classes to help them develop manners and to help socialize. I can not say enough about Animal Lifeline.


    Great people who really care about the animals


    You can't save them all!

  • 7. Fabulous No Kill Shelter

    by: brandicrampton

    This is my absolute favorite animal shelter in Iowa. They are a no kill shelter that takes wonderful care of the animals that they have. Alot of the animals are injured or sick and they have alot of love, devotion and care coming from the people who work and volunteer there. I volunteered there in highschool as a part of a giving back to the community project and it was one of the best experiences working with the pets and people there. I wish there was more places like this one. Other shelters just seem very heartless and it breaks my heart to know that alot of really great animals will be put down, at the Animal Lifeline you don't have to see that. It's just a fabulous place to go.


    no kill shelter, wonderfull staff


    small location, needs more space