Animal Infirmary Of Hoboken

600 Adams Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

User Reviews (13)

  • 1. Great Vet

    by: kryssyb

    I used to go to another vet, that never quite made me feel good, but first time here I was blown away with the happy attentive staff and a very knowledgable staff.


    Caring Staff, good prices



  • 2. We love Dr. Capelli

    by: SLP1222

    I bring all 3 dogs here and have always received excellant service. The staff very genuinely cares about the animals under their care. Harley had a cancerous growth removed and before they performed any surgery, we were given a breakdown of the cost of everything. Susie has a heart murmur and needs tests every few months to check her electrolyte levels. The vets always give you options about what combination of testing is the most cost effective.


    Great Staff


    A little $$

  • 3. Expensive, but my dogs receive good medical care

    by: Sophinn

    I have been bringing my dogs here for about 2 1/2 years, since Sophie was a puppy. I have seen several different vets at the Animal Infirmary, and all of them were friendly and gentle with my dogs and answered all of my questions. They diagnosed Finn very early with Lyme disease, when we did not even think to ask for the test b/c we didn't realize he was exposed and he showed no signs. He was put on antibiotics and has not shown any negative symptoms for one year, and I are grateful for that. The only con would be they do not authorize purchasing Sentinel or Frontline medication online. When I tried to buy it once in the past to save money while I purchased other pet supplies, they refused to sign off on the order. I bring my dogs in regularly for checkups so I did not think that would be a problem, but apparently they don't allow it. I have a premium policy with ASPCA pet insurance and my claims manager recently told me that the reasonable costs for the medication and heartworm/lyme tests administered is only half of what I'm being charged at the Animal Infirmary. I'm sure the insurance co. is trying to undercut their own payouts, but I know that the Animal Infirmary charges are up there. They are pretty expensive, but I trust them to care for my dogs.


    Friendly, Knowledgable staff


    Will not authorize buying medication online

  • 4. good

    by: mex1chris

    Nice clean, friendly staff It is close to the house so we can walk there They do have a few parking spaces which is a plus!




    Rx's $

  • 5. Really nice

    by: lobaldia

    I like the service provided at the Animal Infirmary. The staff is very knowledgeable and caring to the animals and customer's as well. Nice, clean place too!


    Very close to home


    A little more expensive than some other places

  • 6. we like it here

    by: alebampa

    A part from the fact that they try to spill money out you for some things that I think are unnecessary, I think it's a nice place.


    it's a nice place with nice people


    they try to make you spend money

  • 7. Have had good + bad experiences here...

    by: pado84

    I was a client of the Animal Infirmary of Hoboken at 6th and Adams for 4 years. I can tell you that\nI believe that the care is good overall but that I have had one serious misdiagnosis which led to unnecessary suffering for my cat Johnny because his condition went untreated for months. When I brought him back in dire pain, he was then diagnosed correctly and Michael Tudor operated on him. The surgery was very successful. That was 3 years ago. I believe that the Animal Infirmary is a decent place, and I am very thankful for the successful surgery that Johnny received there. But I have long suspected that they want to charge you as much $ as possible, and are less concerned\nwith the pet than they are with how much $ you spend w/them. My recent experience has proved that to me further when I brought both of my cats- Johnny and Misty in for checkups in March 2008. This was my first time bringing Misty to this vet since I got her. It was discovered that she has many missing teeth and a few loose ones too. The doctor at the Infirmary recommended that I\nbring her back to have all remaining teeth pulled. This would cost me about $500. They could not tell me why her teeth were in such bad condition and could not recommend anything else but to pull the teeth. At this point, I decided to get a 2nd opinion. I brought Misty to the JC Animal Hosp. on Westside Ave: I was informed that the cat has\ngingivitus and thus her gums had significant inflammation. A round of antibiotics were prescribed for the inflammation. The vet said that\nthe loose tooth will eventually fall out on its own. One was so loose that he took it out of her mouth with his two fingers on the spot. Cost for visit + meds: $61, and they asked that I bring the cat back for a followup in 3 weeks. I asked if she might eventually need the teeth pulled and they said NO that they would hate to put the cat under anesthesia unless absolutely necessary and that it should be a last resort.


    nice people


    $ expensive $

  • 8. Great neighborhood vet in midtown Hoboken.

    by: shorehousechic

    We've brought Maggie here from day one. We asked around for vet recommendations, and the one closest to our apartment seemed to get the most votes (lucky us! :-) We primarily see Dr. Jennifer Stanley, but have found the whole staff to be very friendly and helpful...especially when we first adopted Maggie and were trying to figure out a weird bladder issue she was having.


    great hours, friendly staff, clean office


    they don't take appointments, some services are expensive

  • 9. great service

    by: aurora

    after trying a number of vets, i found i really liked dr. sighn (sp?) of the animal infirmary. my dog has several issues ranging from severe separation anxiety to horrible allergies. the doctor very clearly explained the different treatment options, consulted specialists on my behalf, and seemed genuinely interested her welfare.


    short waiting time, great attention to the animals


    sometimes i'd like the security of an actual appointment

  • 10. good vet

    by: citydog

    Both my pups have been here. I found the staff very careing and full of knowledge. When my older dog Toby passed away, they were very compasionate and understanding. They are less expensive than the vet on washington street.


    great staff



  • 11. Very professional

    by: shadrack

    They were very good with my rescue/foster dog and were genuinely concerned with my dog's well-being. They also asked for an update when she was adopted.


    very clean and fair prices for Hoboken


    none noted

  • 12. Best Vets Ever

    by: sarahoutten

    Hudson has been going here since he was 4 months old. They take great care of him. He loves all the vets there, especially Dr. Capelli & Dr. Dwyer.


    Great Staff, Clean and lots of treats



  • 13. Great Vets and wonderful service

    by: stevenson26

    Great staff, no long waits, fair pricing. Dr Tudor did a lazer procedure on my English Bulldog to correct an eye condition. The procedure was a resounding success and Tank it a lot happier.\r\n\r\nWith 2 locations and a large team of vets is a great place to care for youe pet. I have seen several of Dr Tudors staff with Tank and they have all been great.


    Friendly staff, excellent offerings. Dr Tudor practices lazer procedures


    Its a clinic so you cant always get the same doctor