Animal House & Company Doggie Daycare

Sporting Hill Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Awful Place

    by: jjwitmer

    This place was such a good idea until I took my dog there. First, when you walk in the door, it absolutely wreaks of amonia. It cannot be cleaned right. They also run a rescue out of this facility and mix unvaccinated rescue animals with your healthy pet. My dog caught kennel cough here because of this, and I paid a $3,800 vet bill to get him back to health. I would never ever take a pet to this facility!


    pets get out often


    not clean, dog got sick

  • 2. Don't go here

    by: TAKEN

    Small overcrowded daycare. Help needs training in many areas of customer service. My dog was injured, but help FORGOT to tell me even though detailed in contract and they saw it happen. Saw another injured dog and help was very nonchalont when owner noticed and pointed out. Wouldn't recommend.


    along main highway


    website is deceiving

  • 3. My thoughts and expirience with Animal House

    by: ztT4MP35367777

    My dog used to go there a lot, almost everyday. He loved it there but one day he came home very sick, he went to the vet and they said he had parvo. The only place my dog ever went was Animal House and the vet, my dog got sick at the shop. My dog died because of that facility. I suggest you don't go there. It may seem great on the outside but once you get past those gates it's no longer doggie heaven. Dogs are kept in small dirty cages and obviuosly there are sick animals. If you want your dog to be safe I suggest to get a dog walker. Yes, the staff may be nice but have you ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes? I have. Have they ever taken you on a tour in the shop? Was that a no you said? Oh, I wonder why. DON'T GO! That's my advice, use it or loose it. My opinion, not yours.


    I don't go there anymore


    They are still open

  • 4. This has been great for our dogs!

    by: gregga

    My husband and I work long hours and wanted our dog to have some exercise during the day and some socialization with other dogs. The Animal House was exactly what we were looking for. We have an unusual dog breed for this area, and the staff researched the breed to become familiar with our dog's traits and tendencies. The staff is so friendly and really care about the animals. We even adopted our second dog through their rescue. I would absolutely recommend Animal House to other people!!!


    Wonderful staff.


    The location is a little small currently, but they are moving to a bigger site!

  • 5. This place is a God send!!!

    by: Schmutzey

    This place is incredible! The owners and staff TRULY care about dogs. Their clients are treated like little kings and queens. My dog's day at Animal House includes running around in a safely enclosed outdoor area with his friends, watching Animal Planet on TV, naptime, playtime, and more! Before going to daycare twice a week, our little Snorkels was depressed and destructive while we were at work. Now he gets to socialize with his buddies when at daycare and is tired out the days he doesn't go! I have tremendous respect for the owners-Mark and Sharon-and their dedication to dogs. In addition to serving as a daycare, they also offer grooming, kennel, and other services. THey've also just started a resuce. These people are committed to our canine friends and are two of my animals heros! Trust me-check this place out.


    Knowledgeable, caring staff. This center is run from a dog's perspective!


    No Sunday hours.