Animal Hospital On The Ridge

1509 Wagstaff Road
Paradise, CA 95969

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Animal Hospital on the Ridge is an Excellent Vet

    by: novia123

    I adopted an older dog through this vet who had developed diabetes andher owner forsome reason had given her to the vet to beput down,howevershewas adoptable. The vet gave me a month'ssupply of diabetic medicine for the dog, syringes for a month, andshowed me how to give her her diabetic shots once a day. They told me all about how to care for a small dog since I had only had bigger dogs and never had one with diabetes. Overall, they were very knowledgeable, patient, generous with medicine and supplies and willing to answer my questions. They went far and above an average level of care.


    Outstanding vet, vet tech,knowledgeable and friendly



  • 2. Dr. Thompson is GREAT!

    by: Marleydog

    Dr. Thompson performs chiropractic on dogs. She helped our former dog have several great weeks (he was even able to wag his tail again!). The front desk is well run and the staff shows great compassion.\r\n\r\nHad a couple of non-compassionate encounters, overall the service has been very good!


    Location, parking, facility


    Just a couple of incidents

  • 3. Great vet hospital

    by: TamaraLT

    We use Animal Hospital on the Ridge all the time to spay/neuter our feral cats. They work with us to squeeze in emergencies and are always very helpful. The prices are among the lowest in our town.


    lower prices, very helpful staff


    sometimes too busy to schedule spays